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Are you a blogger? Business owner? Freelancer?

By now you know that SEO is important. Unfortunately, there is a lot of fear and mystery surrounding SEO (i.e. Search Engine Optimization) that prevents people from understanding the basics and applying them to their website to bring in new visitors. Well, we’re about to change that.

We’re joining our friends at Endurance International Group and Constant Contact for a Twitter chat on How To Get Started With Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Whether you’re brand new to running a website or you’ve had one for a while, you’ll walk away with a SEO game plan and the answers to questions like:

  • How can I make sure my business is at the top of a Google search?
  • What are the SEO basics I should apply to my website?
  • How do I know what keywords to use or content I should create to get found?
  • What are the SEO tools others recommend?
  • How do I optimize my domain name for SEO?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking any of the above questions, be sure to join us Wednesday, October 19th, at 1pm Eastern for a Twitter chat all about SEO! All you have to do to join in is to login to Twitter and follow the hashtag #emPowerChat to tweet, ask questions, and share your own tips. It should be a fruitful discussion with marketing experts, bloggers, and business owners. We can all learn from each other!

After the discussion, we’ll recap the highlights here on the HostGator blog. See you in the Twitterverse!

Amelia Willson is a freelance writer and content strategist who helps businesses succeed online. She covers the latest in ecommerce, marketing technology, and health and wellness. When she’s not busy writing, you can find her walking her dog Rockefeller in sunny southern California or blogging about Disneyland. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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  1. El SEO es una disciplina sencilla que requiere conocimiento y tiempo para obtener los resultados mas esperados y tener la oportunidad de recibir tráfico gratuito de los motores de búsqueda.

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