5 Ways to Value and Appreciate Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Showing and expressing gratitude for being our customers is the least we can do to make them feel valued and appreciated. Countless of our customers have taken their time to promote our business on our behalf to their friends and social circles, they have spent time reaching out to us with support and technical questions, they have reviewed our products and have left invaluable feedback, and even then, we are still collecting their money. How can we give back so that our customers feel valued?

1. Thank Them Personally

The easiest way to express your gratitude for your customers is to thank them personally, be it through a physical postcard, or through email. There really aren’t that many more ways to be sincere and appreciative at the same time than by leaving a personal note, perhaps going as far as outlining as to why they have been such great customers.

2. Gift Them Knowledge

Whether it’s a book that talks about your business and the kind of field you are working in, or something like a subscription to an online course (it’s very possible to arrange good deals for companies that want to attract multiple customers at a time), giving gifts shows that you have plenty of resources to go around for everyone, and you’re not desperate to squeeze out more juice from an orange that’s already dry.

3. Connect With Them

Depending on the industry and field you are working in, it’s very likely that you will know a handful of customers on a first name basis. Why not take this opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper one-to-one level and take them out for lunch or dinner, perhaps to watch a sports game together (you’re of course paying for the tickets), or any other activity that would involve fun and relaxation, and the ability to talk about normal life things. This is a nice way to appreciate the human nature of your customers.

4. Value Upgrades

There are customers who have been sticking with your products and business for a long time, why not showcase your gratitude by giving them a free upgrade to a more popular plan or feature that you offer? This is a great initiative that makes customers feel special and in turn keeps them subscribed and more active for longer.

5. On-boarding Offers

Sometimes you also have to express your appreciation for those customers who have yet to purchase your product, the basic on-boarding strategy of your business should include a range of coupons, discounts and special offers that would further help to attract customers from places like social media, online forums, and word of mouth. Make your products sound truly appealing, and then offer an unbeatable offer that will surely capture the attention of those who are really seeking help of your product; remember that it only takes that one special offer to acquire a customer, someone who could end up staying with your business for life.

In what ways do you show your customers that you appreciate them? Let us know in the comments!