How to Optimize Your Lead Capture Forms for More Conversions

You’ve worked hard to build a great website with compelling content. You even have significant traffic coming to your site. But if you’re not capturing leads, you can’t create paying customers. 

Great content will bring visitors and readers to your site. A lead capture form will ensure that they return and convert into customers who buy your products.

A lead capture form is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to create leads. However, it takes more than setting up a few form fields to make conversions happen.

We’ve created a helpful post that will show you how you can optimize your lead capture forms. Follow these tips and you’ll boost your lead generation activities quickly and effectively. 

What is a Lead Capture Form? 

A lead capture form is a type of contact form where users enter details such as their name and email address. Lead capture forms are often used to give users access to a lead magnet such as an ebook or a discount. You can also offer your site visitors regular helpful blog posts by asking them to subscribe to your site. 

Lead capture forms help you generate leads so that you can nurture them into becoming future paying customers and keep them coming back to your website. 

If you’re looking for ways to increase conversions rates on your site and create revenue, then optimizing your form is a must. In the next section, we’re going to dive deeper into several steps you can take to boost conversions.  

How to Optimize Your Lead Capture Forms

It’s easy to create an online form with the help of a WordPress contact form plugin. Choosing the right plugin will not only help you create beautiful forms that appeal to users, but it will also allow you to add lead-boosting features.

Here’s how you can enhance your lead capture forms with a few easy steps.

1. Keep It Simple

When creating a lead capture form, make sure that you don’t add more fields than you need to. A great lead capture form will have a compelling headline, a few form fields, and an attractive call-to-action button

Too much information can be overwhelming and users won’t want to read it all—or fill it out. If you add too many form fields, users will simply abandon the form. 

A study on forms shows that forms with just 3 fields can create a conversion rate of 25%. Increase the number of fields to 5 and you see the conversion rate decline to 20%. A form with more than 6 fields further declines form conversion rates to 15%.

Making a simple and easy-to-fill contact form is your best bet to boost conversions on your lead capture form. 

2. Create a Compelling Message

The text message on your lead capture form needs to be concise and powerful. It’s essential for your message to give users a great reason why they should give you their email in just a few words. 

When creating your lead capture text, focus on the benefit your visitor gets from filling in the form. You can also use special ‘power words’ that will skyrocket your conversion rates when they are used correctly.

These power words include: 

  • Free
  • You
  • Easy
  • Save
  • Guarantee
  • New
  • Proven
  • Results

Avoid generic content such as ‘Sign up to get more information’ or ‘Fill in this form to stay in touch’.

Offer your users a benefit in exchange for filling in your form. Remember to keep it short and engaging to boost conversions. 

3. Build an Engaging Call to Action Button

A call to action button also plays a significant role in how well your form converts. Instead of using text that says ‘Submit’, be more specific. Create text that tells users exactly what will happen when they click on a button. 

For example, if they are signing up to get a lead magnet, your button text could say ‘Download Your Free eBook Now’ or ‘Download the PDF’ like in the image below.

download the pdf call to action button for lead form

It’s also important to test different colors and sizes for your call to action button. Doing an A/B split test for your WordPress forms will show what colors, texts, and sizes get the most conversions. 

4. Make Your Form Interactive 

Making your form interactive will immediately catch people’s attention and draw them in. WPForms, the best WordPress form plugin around, offers a Conversational Forms® addon that lets you create attractive, interactive forms. 

wpforms interactive form plugin for wordpress

An interactive form has a more human feel to it as it shows users one question at a time. It feels like your site visitor is interacting with a person as they type in answers and move on to the next field. Users will enjoy filling in your forms and will leave with a positive experience.

5. Create a Giveaway

People are willing to share their contact information and other details when they know that they’re getting something of value in exchange. A great way to get people to fill in a lead capture form and engage with you is by creating a giveaway. 

Use a WordPress plugin like RafflePress that makes it easy for you to set up your giveaway contest in minutes. Some ideas for awesome giveaway prizes include checklists, video tutorials, ebooks, and more.

To get even more contest entries (and leads), you could offer a bigger prize such as a brand new laptop, like in the giveaway example below:

lead form giveaway for macbook pro

A giveaway will dramatically increase form submissions while also boosting traffic and engagement on your website. 

6. Use Conditional Logic

An important principle in UX/UI that can be applied to form building is ‘progressive disclosure’. This means that you only show users information that’s pertinent at the moment. You reveal more information later and only when it becomes necessary. 

You can apply this to your forms by using conditional logic. The conditional logic feature allows you to make more fields appear when users give certain answers or make specific choices. 

This helps users provide you with important information easily and removes the need for users to fill fields that aren’t essential.

7. Add a Privacy Notification

Users are concerned about protecting their data online. You can create a feeling of trust and confidence by adding a checkbox asking users for explicit permission to use their information.

It’s also helpful to add a link or a notice of your privacy policy and how you manage users’ data. You’ll honor the requirements of the GDPR act and show visitors that your business is trustworthy, making conversions more likely. 


Hopefully, you’ve found these tips for optimizing your lead capture forms informative and helpful. When you’ve spent time and effort creating a gorgeous site and great content, it’s important to direct your readers into taking clear action.

Setting up a lead capture form is an effective way to boost conversions on your site. By using the tips here, you’ll see more sign-ups and an increase in the number of leads. With a bit of effort and the right tools in place, you’ll be on the right path to growing your business.

Syed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site. With over 10 years of experience, he’s the leading WordPress expert in the industry. You can learn more about Syed and his portfolio of companies by following him on his social media networks.