The entire HostGator training staff recently took a day off from training and instead spent it volunteering at The Houston Food Bank, which was founded in 1982 and provides food and other products to more than 500 hunger relief agencies in southeast Texas.


The Houston Food Bank is the nation’s largest-size Feeding America food bank, operating in an impressive 308,000 square foot facility.


Before we could begin, an orientation was necessary to ensure we knew exactly what and how we were to accomplish the day’s work.


Having now been oriented, it was time to get down to work.  Although, in the case of Jorge here, work highly consists of photobombing.


As work continued for the vast majority of the staff, Jorge continued to excel at his particular style of “work.”


The day ended successfully, and we want to sincerely thank The Houston Food Bank for the opportunity!  If you are in the Houston area and would like to volunteer, please find the information here.  When you do volunteer, be sure to wear closed-toe shoes.  One of our staff, who shall remain nameless (*cough*David*cough*) had to borrow a mis-matched pair of shoes from the food bank in order to work.

HG_Houston_Food_Bank_06Fortunately, for the aforementioned un-named Gator (*sneeze*DAVID!*sneeze*), mis-matched grey is the new black.  Thank you again to The Houston Food Bank for the opportunity to have volunteered for the day.

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