A HostGator office is not exactly your run of the mill workplace. On any given day a normal HostGator employee usually encounters several things a normal office might consider ‘out of the ordinary’.

A prime example of such an instance are the elevators HG employees use on a daily basis. Both our Houston & Austin locations are very nice offices, however both locations feature elevators which we’re fairly sure were originally assembled in Da Vinci’s workshop out of spare legos a few million years ago.

Usually when you step into the elevator in Houston you make it to work on time. Usually…

Getting a new office branch up and running is a lot of hard work. So much work in fact that founder Brent Oxley & customer service guru Daniel Collette have decided to bunk down on site. Here’s a quick tour of Daniel’s original HostGator Austin digs:

Upon watching this video, founder Brent Oxley and I became concerned. Daniel is actually a personal friend of ours (you might recognize him and his tattoo), so naturally we were worried about his general health & happiness.

It didn’t seem to us that Daniel was providing himself with an adequate den to thrive in. This was unacceptable.

After a lunch discussion with one of our vendors we devised a solution. Construction began immediately upon our return and soon enough we had a beautiful recreation of his natural environment:

If you watch the discovery channel or if you’ve ever visited a male friends one-bedroom hovel you’ll most likely deduce that this particular manimal is of the hairy brown backed variety (Troglodyte Capillus Fuscus). Hairy brown backed manimals are native to southeast Texas (and anywhere else natty light is readily found).

Troglodyte Capillus Fuscus (like all manimals) are very territorial and require a very specific diet. Thus, we were sure to provide him with some nutritional items (half empty dr pepper cans, hot pockets & bananas) to properly recreate his natural environment.

When dealing with Manimals it’s very important to ensure their habitats are kept clean. Our in-house habitat engineers work daily to resolve any odor or otherwise undesirable which may ‘accumulate’ inside the manimals living quarters:


With the clients, employees, on-site manimals and various other wonders, working at HostGator is a unique experience. It’s definitely unlike any other office I’ve ever been a part of.

Hopefully it always remains that way.

18 thoughts on “HostGator, miles away from ordinary

  1. wow, he is very simple guy but provides very good services that every internet users needs. I loved the video.

    Please do convey my regards to him. :)


  2. Hey Gators:

    I’ve enjoyed reading about your new digs… now how about a contest to design better office signs for you? Maybe a 6-month extension on any current account could be the prize?

  3. Hi,
    You guys are so much fun, I’m almost jealous I don’t work with you all over there!

    Thanks for the updates…
    Love them.

  4. Loved the video, Daniel has always been an organizational kind of guy. I have known him since he was 8. We love you Daniel. Go Daniel.

  5. Why doesn’t the company offer a work-at-home program? It saves on commute time. It fosters higher productivity (so they think working around the clock is more productive – it actually is more productive for employees to have downtime away from the topics at work). Oh wait, that air mattress is in the home(-away-from-home) office! I see.

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