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The Harbor has been secured.

HostGator is now Safe Harbor Certified. Safe Harbor is the name of a policy agreement established between the United States Department of Commerce and the European Union (E.U.) in November 2000 to regulate the way that U.S. companies export and handle the personal data (such as names and addresses) of European citizens. The agreement is a policy compromise set up in response to a European directive that differed from traditional business procedures for U.S. companies dealing with the E.U. In 1998, the E.U. established the European Commission Directive on Data Protection, which prohibited data transfer to non-European countries that did not adhere to stringent criteria. In effect, because the guidelines were very strict, they made it illegal to transfer most citizens’ personal data outside of Europe.

If you are still awake after reading that, let me summarize this for you. Basically this means that we follow strict privacy rules agreed upon by the EU(European Union) and US and allows personal data to be transferred. We figured our overseas customers would be interested to know that we are now certified.  (This really is a big deal).

Desperate times, call for desperate measures.

I want to apologize for starting this month’s newsletter off with legal mumbo jumbo.  There were some exciting things that happened here at HostGator this month besides the Safe Harbor certification.  We have a new member to the HostGator tattoo club!  Below is a picture of a tattoo that was received in Las Vegas, NV.  The person in this picture received this tattoo for 2,000$ in gambling money and a trip to Vegas with Brent.  Which raises the question, would you do this for the same price?  Fill out our online poll here:

This is the second person to get a HostGator tattoo, the first was Billy the human billboard. You would be surprised how many people ask about getting our logo tattooed on their bodies.

If you are in the US then you more than likely have seen our billboards in any major city close to you.  We have also sponsored numerous UFC fighters and will continue to look for new exciting ways to advertise our business.

We’ll give you $50 without getting a tattoo.

The only catch is… You have to rate your ticket responses. We strive for top notch customer service here at HostGator and when you rate your ticket responses it helps us improve on this.   So we’re going to be entering everyone who rates a ticket into a drawing for a  $50 service credit. Rating a ticket takes less than a minute and can save you some money on your next hosting bill. Details can be found here.

HostGator is Expanding.

In our last newsletter we announced that we are expanding and opening a brand new support center in Austin, TX. I wrote a blog post about the expansion with a little more information:

Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions in this blog post as I know it doesn’t cover everything regarding the expansion.
Staffing is one of our biggest problems here at HostGator, and has been since our Boca days.  We hire 24 new employees every two weeks and this is simply not enough to cover our expanding customer base while maintaining the customer service HostGator is known for.  Having two support centers will help this as we will now have two cities to pull candidates from and more space.  We will basically be doubling our staff and are looking to have around 300-400 employees in Austin within the next year or so.  We currently have 387 employees here at our Houston headquarters.

Site of the Month:
GamerFill is a highly-ambitious video gaming news site that started in late March of this year. They cover all of the new topics and trends in the gaming industry, straight from the producers themselves. They also conduct professional video reviews of the latest games and always give their honest opinions (Unlike some of the leading sites out there), in order to save you from buying a bad game. They also cover the latest trailers, conduct previews of upcoming games, demo coverage, as well as host frequent contests and giveaways.

—  Josh Loe & The Team at HostGator

HostGator Around the Web

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VOIPo Updates
HostGator is now eating up phone bills with VOIPo which is a VoIP provider founded by HostGator executives in 2006.  Here are some updates:

1) For a limited time, you can use coupon code GATORNEWS when ordering
VOIPo services to get 3 months free (added to yearly package) or 1
month free (added to monthly package).

VOIPo’s Home & Home Office package offers unlimited calling to the
US/Canada and includes over 40 features for just $8.25 per month with
free activation, a free phone adapter, and free shipping.

2)  New lower international rates and all VOIPo plans include 60 free
minutes of international calling to select destinations each month.
Example:  Calls to India are now just $0.02 per minute.

Visit to learn more or to order.

8 thoughts on “HostGator May 2010 Newsletter

  1. To the Managing Director, The Sales Director and all involved,

    After seeing the disgusting and debasing way you have treated another human being by using your power and money to have them tattooed with an advertisement for your company I will have to sadly look around for another more ethical organization to work with. I would never have imagined that the money I paid you would be used in this way and I am ashamed to have been an unknowing part of it.

    For years I have hosted websites with your company and enjoyed the excellent service and support you provided. I am truly amazed that you would sink this low. I would never have imagined it.

    What cheap stunt will you attempt next as you take advantage of people who can be manipulated for your personal gain? Where are your moral boundaries? How low will you go? I dread to think.

    Thank you for alerting me to your debased and disgusting corporate behavior. Now I know I have to go.

  2. @Steve Edwards,

    I’m the one that received the tattoo, and I must say, I knowingly and voluntarily received it. All of my tattoos that I have are meaningful with a story to back them up, and this one is no different. I have a long history with HostGator, and getting this tattoo was a no-brainer and it was highly anticipated by myself. You should not make accusations or comments without first knowing both sides of the story, as this is definitive of ignorance. I have no regrets, nor should HostGator. Thank you.

  3. Big D—-I like the tatooo. I would not personally choose that one but if it has meaning for you that’s great. Looks like good work too!

  4. Geeze Steve, get a little more judgmental why dont ya? I was glad to see the person who got that Tattoo chime in, this all just goes to show how more and more people are rushing to harshly judge others. Judging other people is almost always a very bad idea and this thread really shows why that is.
    On a more positive note, Hostgator has always been a very reputable hosting company and one tatoo sure is’nt going to change that!

  5. the tattoo was nice duo .. and hopping to see more of it, hostgator will im looking toward at it,keep up good work guys

  6. Nice tattoo.. I know that hostgator is getting to the top. and I was amazed that people can do this. All I can say nice tattoo. More power Hostgator!!!

    by tribal dragon

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