In 2006 moved from Boca Raton, FL. to Houston, TX.  We made the move because we could not find enough employees in Florida, also we ran out of space in the tiny office we occupied at the time.  We are proud to announce that we once again are  faced with this problem and are expanding even more!  We have chosen Austin, Tx as our newest location.

We closed on a 102,000 SQFT office building on the East side of Austin and have already started working on getting the office setup. We have been working diligently this past week closing on the office and getting everything in line, just as we did here in Houston back in 06.

When we moved to Houston a lot of our employees stayed in the office for the first few months. We are going to be doing the same in Austin as long as zoning permits it.   We are already looking to add a special area called ‘tent city’ for employees to sleep until they get situated in Austin.  If you have never bunked with 10+ System Administrators you are missing out!  Brent himself will be staying in the office if zoning permits.

Our plan is to be setup in Austin by at least the end of July. Obviously we have a lot of work to do based on the pictures above.  The office needs to be wired, cubes setup and at least 50 workstations ready to go before we can get some employees in there.  Our IT manager has his hands full with this one to say the least.

I wanted to write this blog post to answer some common questions that you as a customer, or employee of HostGator might have.

When will you be hiring in Austin?

Right now, we are taking applications for every position. Just check out our jobs page; Keep in mind the office will not be ready till July, but hey if you want to go ahead and get on board then fill out the application. Currently we are hiring for Chat/Phone agents and System Administrators.  You must be eligible to work in the United States.

Are you going to have servers in Austin now?

We are going to continue to use theplanet as our datacenter.  They have been great since day one and we are proud to have our servers hosted there.

How many people will you be hiring?

We are going to have 200 cubes in our Austin office, at first we will be running this office Monday thru Friday 9-6 then expand to 24×7 once we have enough employees.  So we are looking probably around 400-500 employees in all.

What does this mean for HostGator Customers?

Quicker chat times, Phones answered quicker and ticket response times lowered.

And what about the awesome people in your Houston office?

Houston will always be our headquarters, the office will continue to grow and will be hiring also.  We have a lot of great people that work for our company in Houston and we are very proud of all the work that they have put in to make HostGator (in my opinion) the best hosting company around.   We must take what we’ve learned over the years and apply that to our Austin location and continue this growth.  Houston will always be a home for HostGator and our dedicated employees here will continue on with their outstanding work.

I know that there are a lot of questions that you might have out there that I have not answered in this blog post. I invite you to leave a comment with your question and we will be glad to answer.

The Case of the missing 4 Million dollars.

On April 20th 2010 we were going to close on the building in Austin. At that time we were at a baseball game here in Houston when Brent informed me that our bank had sent 4 Million dollars for the purchase of the building to an unknown source. It delayed our closing on the building by about 2 days. While this turned out to not be that big of deal, you would think that the person in charge of the “BIG RED BUTTON” to transfer 4 million USD would have double, triple and quadruple checked.

37 thoughts on “HostGator is Expanding!

  1. Great to hear! :D Hostgator will always be the best host, and it’s great to see you’re expanding and making your service even better!

  2. @Ori, there will always be 24/7 support. Our Houston office is 24/7.

    @William, Absolutely not. All of our servers are hosted at theplanet and our support team will still be active here in Houston.

  3. Ahh. I want to just finish up college and move down there right now. But I still have three more years left :(

    Congrats on the success that has enabled you guys to continue your expansion.

  4. Hi. just wanted to tell that the way you are loyal with ThePlanet, I am loyal to HostGator since I first bought space here :).. you guys are backbone for my small web-development company!

  5. Awesome hostgator glad you guys are expanding love to see you guys go from hostgator to just Gator hosting logo as the gator eye. hope for all the best.

  6. So do you own the entire complex there or just part of it. It’s quite a nice looking building, would love to see some photos when all the renos are done.

  7. Congratulations! Such growth! HostGator is to hosting what Starbucks is to coffee and Albert Pujols is to baseball.

    What competition?

  8. @Analyn, that’s correct, we’re shooting to create 400-500 new jobs at our new Austin location. The jobs will range from entry level technical support all the way up to top tier Windows/*nix system administration.

  9. Hows internal job advancement in Hostgator? Are you able to start out at an entry level tech support rep and work your way up to being a top tier system administrator (, and higher)? Or are you pretty much stuck where you are at in the company?

  10. @Ryan We promote from within. Our Deputy CTO started as a chat tech, and I started as a System Administrator if that tells you anything.

  11. Finally glad to see some official announcement!

    I applied a while back when I saw the ad on Craigslist, but I wanted to see if you guys needed any help with running ethernet cable or other basic setup. My work experience has been in systems but I had a year of experience running ethernet cable and I think it would be pretty exciting to be able to help set up the new location if possible!

  12. Congratulations on your new office expansion. May you continue your wide technical web hosting business. May you have more clients to serve.

  13. congratz hostgator!
    awesome new location, i think it will look fabulous!

    keep up the good work!

  14. I need to know what to study so I can make myself employable to HostGator! I already own a website hosted by the company and I’ve interviewed 7 times (failing each time of course). I love the company!

  15. Thank Gators for your awesome work.You have one of the finest support I know off. You have my prayer. You will continue to grow because your are sincere and honest enterprise. What you see, is what you get. Nothing hidden from the surface. I have learnt a great deal of lessons from you guy.

  16. I wonder when will you plan to expand to Latin America?… it will be great to have you guys arround here, at least in Peru.

  17. This is so awesome that you guys are coming to Austin, I manage a help desk team for a fortune 500 company. Hiring managers for the desk anytime soon?

  18. Well have a good move and congratulations! You can only appreciate when hard work and excellent service pays off. Inspirational stuff. Really nice.

  19. Love Hostgator. However, your current support for Dreamgroup and TemplateSOLD is a big mistake. I bought it and downloaded 14 tmeplates and all of them require extensive html programming knowledge and or $75 for 15 minutes of support from Dreamgroup.

    I would dump them all and take my momney back in a minute…

  20. Well have a good move and congratulations! You can only appreciate when hard work and excellent service pays off. Inspirational stuff. Really nice.

  21. Funny, I was just told to check you guys out and randomly found your site. Congratulations on the move up.

  22. Congratulations on this expansion, so does it mean that they are very good, is one of the best the world. I will always be faithful to them.

  23. I have to admit that i’m proud of you guys! Your building looks great , your services are synonymous with quality, and i really hope you’ll be forever as good as you are! I have already recommended you to all my friends, and i wish you a great expanding in the future.

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