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Happy Birthday, Snappy!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 by


History of HostGator

In honor of our fifteenth birthday, we present to you a timeline of our favorite milestones in HostGator and Snappy’s history.

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October 22, 2002

HostGator is founded in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University.

Fun Fact: The company was almost called gatorhost.com instead of HostGator.com!

Snappy is born.

Hatchling Snappy



HostGator celebrates our 100th customer in February.

Snappy celebrates his first birthday and says his first word: “web site.”

Baby Snappy



Just one year later, HostGator reaches 1000 customers.

Snappy reaches his terrible twos and accordingly has his first temper tantrum when he loses his favorite stuffed teddy bear. Order is restored once he realizes it was hidden under the covers all along.
Sleeping Snappy



HostGator gains customers in the tens of thousands, and gets recognized for our award-winning reseller hosting with a Best Reseller Hosting Award from Hosting-Review.com.

At age three, Snappy starts riding a tricycle around his neighborhood. This will come in handy later when HostGator sponsors the Tour du Rouge for five years from 2010 to 2014.

HostGator Tour Du Rouge



HostGator launches our first international office in Toronto, Ontario. Oh, Canada!

The company relocates our headquarters from Boca Raton, Florida, to Houston, Texas, where we’ve been ever since.

HostGator Texas

Now four years old, Snappy learns how to tie his shoes and discovers his favorite candies are blue M&Ms. He also adopts his first dog!



The HostGator blog publishes its very first post. In international news, HostGator opens an office south of the equator in Brazil!

HostGator Brazil Office

Five-year-old Snappy graduates from kindergarten, where he quickly became the class pro at playing leap frog (the big alligator tail helps).

Snappy Graduation



HostGator reaches our first 100,000 customers in the summer and starts offering unmetered space and bandwidth as part of all hosting packages.

Snappy joins a Little League team. The six-year-old loves playing shortstop!

Baseball Snappy



Just a year later, HostGator reaches 200,000 customers. We also begin offering toll-free numbers with all Business-level hosting packages for no additional cost.

Now aged seven, Snappy gets into comic books and decides he wants to be a superhero when he grows up.

Superhero Snappy



HostGator opens our second Texas office in the state capital, Austin. We also win a Customer Service award from The Best Web Hosting Service.

At age eight, Snappy spends a lot of time building forts with his friends and learning to play basketball.
Basketball Snappy



HostGator reaches over 500 employees and our support team receives its 5 millionth LiveChat. HostGator India launches!

Nine-year-old Snappy goes to his first summer camp and discovers his passion for painting. Check out his self-portrait below. (Just kidding; this was drawn by a child of one of our customers.)

Snappy Drawing Artist Snappy


HostGator is acquired by Endurance International Group.

Snappy reaches his double digits and throws a pool party in honor of his tenth birthday!

Snappy Pool Party



Endurance International Group, HostGator’s parent company, goes public.

Aged eleven, Snappy debuts a new look at the Houston Aquarium. He found the stingray exhibit fascinating.



HostGator stretches its global reach, launching HostGator China and HostGator Russia.

Snappy stars in his first live-action advertisement!


HostGator launches managed WordPress hosting and integrates MOJO Marketplace into our QuickInstall platform.

A teenager at last! Snappy gets his first cell phone.

Snappy with phone



HostGator announces our cloud hosting and website builder products.

Now that he’s fourteen years old, Snappy suffers from teenage angst. He regularly puts a KEEP OUT sign on his bedroom door. We think he’s developed his first crush, but he’s too busy Snapchatting to let us know who it is he’s dreaming of.

Snappy Dreaming


HostGator launches an upgraded dedicated server platform and is putting the final touches on our new customer portal.

Snappy starts high school and is now the big man on campus! He even made the Junior Varsity football team.

Letter Jacket Snappy

Bonus Offer! Get Your Free Snappy Gift Today!

The coveted Snappy plush.

It’s our most requested item on social media. Customers and Snappy fans often tweet us asking for their own.

HostGator Snappy Tweet
In honor of Snappy’s birthday sale, we are giving away free Snappy stuffed animals for a limited time!

Note: This giveaway is closed! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Amelia is the Content Marketing Manager for HostGator. Her areas of expertise include content development and strategy, SEO, and online reputation management. When she’s not helping solopreneurs or SMB owners with their online marketing needs, you can usually find her running around Austin, TX with her dog or blogging about Disneyland.

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