The 2012 Transit of Venus occurred on June 5th.  At the HostGator office in Houston, one of our Admins set up a telescope outside of the building in order to observe the phenomenon, pinhole-camera style, as a small dot projected onto a piece of paper taped within a large box via which we could safely peer at the sun.  Another Admin showed up with some welder’s glass, which allowed us to look directly at the sun and see Venus, as a tiny dot traveling between Earth and the Sun.  Both methods of observation were quite impressive.

The transit is a predictable celestial phenomenon that occurs in pairs, eight years apart.  This happened most recently in June of 1997 and 2004 and will not happen again until December of 2117 and 2125.  Essentially, if you missed it live and in person this time, you will not have another opportunity within your lifetime.

The images below show the telescope pointing towards the Sun and into the lightbox and then the view from within the lightbox, where Venus is clearly visible as a black dot near the upper right-hand corner of the larger circle.

2 thoughts on “Gators Make Science

  1. one of our store customers brought us a piece of welder’s grade glass and we viewed it directly, nice!

    1. The welder’s glass was definitely my preferred method, it was impressive to be able to, well, look right at the sun and witness it firsthand.

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