Well, its that time to give you some more great news! We have prepared another type of program for you besides that of just referring persons to host with us. We are pleased to let you know that you can now refer potential employees to us, and if they are hired you can make some nice cash. Take a look at the referral program, and you will notice that the payout is pretty generous. The payout is up to $2500 dollars for a referral. Thats right, I said $2,500 US dollars. So let me explain why we have decided to add this program.

HostGator is growing at a phenomenal rate. With the growth of more customers, this means that we need more qualified web hosting support technicians. With this in mind we have put together a system that will help us to build upon the current HostGator team as well as provide an incentive for persons like yourself that can help us find the right people for the job. Everybody wins here. An employee for us, cash for you, and a new job for someone in a fun working environment.

Let me tell you a little about how it is working at HostGator so you can have some good information to provide your referrals. HostGator is a fast paced but relaxed environment. We had a previous post called “Office Tour“, which gives you a little bit of an idea of what things look like inside the HostGator building. There is a Pool table, workout room, Air Hockey, and Ping pong table which is my favorite! We also have company paid events regularly, and free food for employees as well throughout the week. Full time employees receive full health benefit options as well after 90 days of employment.

Ok, so now that I have given you the details about the great perks of working here, now would be a really good time for you to think of anyone you may know that has some of the skills we are looking for, and have them fill out a job application with us. The requirements for the employee referral are very short and simple, so here below are the few requirements.

1. They must be able to legally work in our Houston Headquarters.
2. They must be employed for 90 days in order to be paid.
3. You must fill out the below referral form before their first interview.
4. You cannot refer yourself.

If you didnt pick up the link earlier on this post, click HERE to get started with your referral program and make some extra cash!

11 thoughts on “Employee Referral Program

  1. “They must be employed for 90 days in order to be paid.”
    – So IF a referred employee suddenly (or intentionally) quit his/her job before or on the 90th day, then the referrer WON’T be paid at all?

  2. Sally that is correct. We are looking for people that can stay with us long term and have the capability of doing a good job. That is why we offer such a high payout for this referral program.

  3. As a current customer live in Canada I am very happy with the services that Hostgator provides for me. Therefore I always concern the direction of the company and look at your blog all the times. May I have the following suggestions so the company can continue to be strong and make more customers and employees happy as a result the company can grow. Your consideration will be much appreciated.

    Re: Employee Referral Program Published on January 16th, 2008

    There is a big concern to me with the two conditions to find qualified web hosting support technicians for Hostgator. 1. They must be employed for 90 days in order to be paid. 2. Full time employees receive full health benefit options as well after 90 days of employment.

    Think on the other side. If I am a good technician ( which I am not ) I should be working with another company with good salary and benefits. I need a good reason why I need to join your company or even give it a try? Everyone will think why 90 days, what if for any reason (the company name one) I am told after I work for 89 days and I cannot be continued and need to go. I just walk away with nothing? What if something happen to me within that 90 days and I have no full health benefit at all and what should I do? Does the company just want me to help them in some projects less than 90 days and that’s all? The situation will just keep away a lot of good potential employees. May be that 90 days is just for training and that new employee just doesn’t really input a lot for the company but think about this. This new employee just spent his time and energy for the company and nothing else. I think it should be honored.

    In Canada I have a friend and he just went to a new national well known food product company called “Maple Leaf” as a high executive and he had the same concern as I mentioned. As the company they said to him the relationship is a long term and need to build trust with each other. So he got the medical insurance package, the retirement package and of course the salary for the first month. Actually he got training for three months and nothing else. Now he is heading a big project. He likes the philosophy of this company a lot. At the same time Maple Leaf got a very good employee that can contribute this company for a long run.

    I know different professional fields have different ways to do things. I am not familiar with Hosting Company at all and I just think of something may be you have interest to think about.


  4. By chance would you be interested in hiring remotes? I know of a few who are very good at their job and would make you some very good employees.

    Not interested for myself as I already have a job but for a few friends I have that are looking. Thanks!

  5. Ok I assume the period as “while stocks last” :)
    Now I hope those people who’ve emailed me with their resume will be contacted by you… not just because of the $500/$2500, but they’re just that great you know. If only your referral form has a resume submitter (like your job application form), wouldn’t that be great?

  6. Sally – Yes there is no exact time period. As far as resume, yes I understand, we are always looking for ways to better things and make them easier for us all. Thanks for the suggestion.

    John – I can see your point of view, but let me provide an example please. Lets say that you refer us someone. Lets say that we ask them questions and test them, and they seem like they are competent, so we hire them. Then lets say that over the next few weeks they don’t show up for work, or they just don’t fully get what they are being trained for.

    What if they cannot multi task and give satisfactory answers, or are just not picking up the things we try to teach them. The bottom line is, there is a window open for 90 days, as many companies have in place. This is a time period to make sure the hired person can learn what they are taught and put it to practice.

    We are all about helping people to learn and succeed. If a person comes to HostGator first they should understand enough about hosting to offer basic support for people. But then they receive training to give better answers, and learn how to resolve other potential problems.

  7. Looks like a good opportunity for webmaster who have some unemployed tech buddies. I’d love to work for Host Gator honestly, but I’m in Florida and I’ll never leave. So instead, I’ll just keep pushing you guys sales lol.

  8. I have not received my $13000 and more commissions from past several months. Whenever I contact your team they say it will be paid next months and it is several months now.
    Stop fooling people!

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