How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing

Each minute passes, several million Likes are recorded in the Facebook database, hundreds of thousands of shares, and comments too many to count. Facebook is a social networking giant, with more than a billion active monthly users, it does not come as a surprise that many business owners are turning to Facebook for new customer acquisition.

In itself, Facebook is a huge social platform, but it’s one thing to know how to share status updates between your friends, it’s a completely different story when we’re trying to promote our business. Though in the recent years this process has eased immensely, as more of the social platforms population has accepted the fact that Facebook Pages are a big part of the network, and many actually embrace the fact that businesses interact with their customers directly.

Start with the official Business guide

Facebook Business is a real thing, and there’s a specifically built page that discusses everything in and outside of Facebook Business and how you can take your Business to Facebook for interacting with your existing customers, as well as for acquiring new customers as you go. This page talks about news, tips and also success stories that anyone can learn from. It should be the absolute starting point for any business owner who wants to take his business venture to Facebook.

Let your friends and customers know

The next step after reading the official Facebook Business guide is to actually setup your own Business Page, all of which is a step-by-step process and is self-explanatory most of the time. You want to fill in as much info about your Business as possible, not only to make sure that it’s easy to find, but also to comfort people who are looking for a service just like yours. Restaurants come in many different forms, emphasize why you are different from the rest, and so forth.

“Comment as your page on other business pages and “like” pages of your employees, companies near you if you have a physical location, businesses you are collaborating with or companies whose services or products you are using. Liked or tagged pages will often times return the favor and mention or like your page in return, which is free cross-promotion. Any pages you like with your own page can be displayed on the left hand side as vertical tab.” – Christina Baldassarre

As soon as you have done all of that, it is time to put yourself out in the sunlight and generate some actual likes. First, you will want to send out an invite to your closest friends and people who made it all possible for you. You will also want to put some physical and digital badges around your business to let customers know that you exist on Facebook. People love to use the check-in feature for their favorite places, and this is a great way to attract more customers.

The best way to share on Facebook

Apart from everything else, a lot of your time on Facebook will be spent sharing posts and writing comments, it’s inevitable. At first, it might seem like a good idea to share content as frequently as possible, to comment everywhere all at once, but that will only raise some serious red flags and might hurt your business in long-term. Facebook is a professional social platform, and you should always remember its do’s and don’ts.

If you’re a restaurant, your main type of content that you’re going to be sharing is going to be food related. With that in mind, be receptive of your customers and ask for their input on new dishes and ideas, place special offers for weekends, advertising special drink offers, you can even promote a set of tickets to a big game in town. You will find that many businesses are willing to do giveaways in exchange for likes, comments and shares, all of which automatically exposure your business to new people, thus new potential customers.

In general, Facebook is a low-cost marketing platform, and if you want to experiment with reaching new audiences in new places, the best way to do is through Facebook Advertising. Reasonable prices and a sophisticated Advertising Platform guarantees results that will deliver on their promise.

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