We want to thank those of you who checked into different funds on Donorschoose.org. Especially those of you that gave us direct links to a particular fund. As you will recall, several posts back we gave you the readers, the opportunity to choose which would be the best school project to fund. We also agreed from several comments to the post, that we would match the $100 dollar donation. This means a total of $200 will be donated to the specific cause.

So we started looking through what you gave us and decided on “Thumb Drives to Fingerprint Success”. What a great way to take advantage of technology and save on paper, since so much paper is wasted everyday. This particular donation suggestion was referred to us by Josh. Thanks Josh, and all of you with suggestions! You can click HERE to view that project fund.

Charity Suggestions

Not to be forgotten is the Charity money that has also been raised from 404 error pages. We would once again like your input on this. There is about $50,000 dollars that will be donated this year. For which charity do you feel we should use this money for? Please let us know again with your comments and suggestions.

There is also a forum post that we would encourage all to share in which can be found HERE.

With that being said, thanks for all your support in making HostGator the great hosting company that it is today, and we hope we can be part of making a difference wherever this money ends up being donated.