Despite the stigma that surrounds email marketing, due primarily (and justifiably) to “spammers,” this channel remains a valid and profitable avenue for generating leads, sales, and generally just reaching people.

Roughly 10% of HostGator customers are Non-Profit businesses, and a recent study shows that these businesses actually get the highest open rates of any industry.  An “open rate” is defined, fairly self-explanatorily, as the percentage of email messages that are opened (and presumably viewed) relative to the total number of emails sent out as part of a given email campaign.  In other words, people are more likely to open an email sent from a Non-Profit than they are any other type of business.

However, email marketing remains one of the best performing and most-effective ways to market a business.

The aforementioned study, which was created by Constant Contact, also contains valuable information regarding the optimization of email campaigns and was created via the analysis of over 100 billion customer emails.

Constant Contact is an excellent tool for small businesses to execute successful email marketing campaigns.  HostGator customers can learn more by visiting this link.