I have some bad news regarding HostGator. In our quest to “eat up the competition”, one web host has been busy trying to “bag all the competition”.

I stumbled across a new web host that I can already tell is going to be very serious competition for us. It seems as though we have overlooked a worthy contender — HostGaroo.com (no link for you guys, sorry!)

It’s only a matter of time before their sheer creativity and inspiration overtake us and the ‘Gator is bagged like the rest of them. There’s just one thing that doesn’t seem right here. I know I’ve seen Host Garoo’s design from somewhere before…

Current Host Garoo front page:

One year old Host Gator front page:

Testament to Google’s ingenious:
google results of hostgaroo

So what do you think, all things equal, the ‘Garoo or the ‘Gator?

Please do not go to the site which was mentioned within this post. Since the post, the site has shut down and is now delivering viruses if you go to it.
Thank you for understanding.

31 thoughts on “Competition Fights Back

  1. The outstanding difference is that Gator’s support is shown as “online” whilst Garoo’s support seems to have been bagged as well.

  2. looks like 2 entirely different sites to me *cough, hack cough*** bout time you had some competition…

    If they really host with HG that is seriously funny. Does that mean you can do free account transfers to them? ;)

  3. They aren’t very creative either .. their plans have the same names as ours. Smaller packages .. but same look and feel … Hummmmmmmm

  4. I couldn’t stop laughing at them. I mean $3 for 25 MB. thats just funny because HG offers x500 times for more money.

  5. Wow. That’s just ridiculous. Heck, it’s downright stupid.

    I mean, for one thing it doesn’t make sense. They steal your plan names, but what does a swamp have to do with kangaroos? The plans aren’t nearly as good; the spaces aren’t bad, but bandwidth is horrible.

    It’s just funny, really. Their updates page…one update is on January 1, 2006. The other is on January 4, 2007. A year between updates. And not even one this year! Even without the obvious plagiarism, I wouldn’t dare trust my hosting to them.

    But I think my favorite part is the “comment” on the front page (I’m guessing “Bernie” is “Skippy’s” real name…) that says their “honesty is much needed in the hosting industry”…Riiiiight.

  6. Hahaha. This is ridiculous. I have to admit, either this is a joke, or a 10 year old learned how to copy and paste into his illegal version of Dreamweaver.

  7. Did a quick WHOIS and guess who the Admin is? His name is Bernard, Bob. Its seems like Neard’s post above on 2/9 may have been on the money and Bernie B may be Skippy. Or maybe they are father and son?

  8. Well, I spoke to one of your tech support guys tonight about a database of mine that went missing. I might just as well signup and talk to the Kangaroo’s. Same Same but different!

  9. I am really surprised that it is hosted on a server of host gator.
    server08.minidedicated.com…Hah Hah…

  10. If you cannot differentiate even a tiny bit from the competition, then you don’t deserve to be in business.

    Get back into the flock you sheep or kangaroo or whatever you are!

  11. I love the Google response to the search.

    Who the H*** is Host Garoo? Are you sure you didn’t mean Host Gator?

    I thought I would fall off my chair laughing.

  12. LOL..hostgaroo…this is too much really. They didn’t even changed the number of alphabets and its similarity with hostgator. I can’t stop laughing at their testimonials. Its the funniest testimonial I have ever read about a fake site..””You guys are the best! My site has awesome uptime, and the support has been fantastic.

    I like the Logo – Skippy – very amusing!!”

    “I have seen with a lot of web hosts come and go – where my friends have been rather disappointed; and I honestly can say you are the first that hasn’t fed me one spoon full of lies after another.

    Your honesty is much needed in the hosting industry! Thank you Skippy and team support!”

    And what’s the need to mention “UK-based web hosting company” ?? ROFL..Have you read even when they are from UK “they accept all international payments”..lol..I guess all that “skippy” is seeing is “international payments” and thats why they forgot to “pay” for design and purchasing servers for their companies. This is truly hilarious. I might be posting about it in my blog (on jokes).

  13. Or maybe Hostgator is doing some self publicity…
    – The company (hostgaroo) is also hosted on servers at The Planet.
    – Nobody would want to enter a business by emulating the products and looks of one of the best in the business. you dont need to be a management geek to figure out it will bring disrepute.
    – Anybody with basic webdesigning skill will be able to come up with a different site using the same content in 3 days.

    There is more here than meets the eye!!!!!

  14. I think this is a fake from you guys. How can you call this competition since this Host Garoo doesn’t even exist anymore. So is this your competition? You should eliminate this from the blog, doesn´t give a good impression from you. Or was it a joke? From someone like one is looking for a trusting web hosting this creates a feeling that you want to cheat on me.


  15. Man these people copyed your site word for word… it’s like they had a blue print of your pages. i have the same problem with my competitors. each article i write or phrase i bring out, i find almost exact same thing on their sites a few days later… thank god google is a smart and fair engine, that knows who was first… in this case it is a bad copy as well. plus the garoo turns it’s back to the inside of the website, like he doesn’t care … every designer can see, this is the work of amtures…

  16. Think youtube want to say something with all the clones going around?
    the porn clone of youtube too much for some?
    You know you can make a site that looks exactly like Google, but with a different logo?
    Think that will provoke a lawsuit?

    Does it mater that each site was made using the same design software?
    Should the design software delete and remove any design from their database so no one can every duplicate a look a like.

    I noticed the Kangaroo, and UK link.
    Big deal…

    The queen is suppose to still rule down under, but I guess we are living as though she left already…

  17. Let’s not get carried away, the market is changing all the time and new services may look similar while others are so different they attract attention that way. Software packages are always going to produce sites with some form of resemblance, otherwise no one Banner Ad should match on another site, that’s my view!

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