For many of us, our websites are our lifeblood.  They are how we make our living, and how we support our families.  They are our businesses and our passions.  The interesting thing about how important our websites are to us is that precious few of us actually take regular backups of our data.  Why is this?  No one knows, really.  Likely it’s that each of us figures it’ll always be someone else who loses their data in some catastrophic event.

CodeGuard Logo

Enter CodeGuard.  For anyone who’s familiar with Apple’s Time Machine functionality, CodeGuard is very similar except it’s for your hosting server rather than your home computer.  When you sign up with CodeGuard, you provide it the necessary credentials in order to access your data and take a complete backup.  After that point, it regularly monitors your server for any changes.  Any time CodeGuard detects a change (files being added, removed, or modified), it then takes an incremental backup and sends you an email to inform you of the fact.

It’s the next feature that really sets CodeGuard apart: it allows you to restore back to any prior version of your website.  All backups are stored in the cloud and you have multiple options for retrieving that data.  You can, at any time, download a full .zip of your backup, choose an automatic full restore, or simply restore a single file or folder that you may have accidentally nuked.  Basically, you have total control over your files with full accessibility at all times.  CodeGuard protects your data from catastrophic potentialities, and it can certainly protect you from yourself in some instances.

You can sign up for CodeGuard from right within your HostGator cPanel, simply click the CodeGuard icon within the Special Offers section.  For more information, please see the related article from our KnowledgeBase: