Technology today is moving faster than the speed of light (quite literally: NASA recently released specs for a ship with a warp drive), and it’s often hard to keep up. It’s easy for a business to start to wonder whether or not the technology that they are utilizing in their daily lives is antiquated, out of date… or on a slightly pettier note, whether or not their stuff is better than the competition’s stuff.

Through a look at some of the most commonly used pieces of technology in the business world, it’s possible to give you that piece of mind, because let’s face it; that which is shown on television and in the movies isn’t what the average business has, nor is it quite as easy as the movies make out to sneak in and spy on the competition.



Desktops have not gone out of style. In fact, many companies are still utilizing Windows XP, in spite of the fact that Microsoft is no longer putting out updates for vulnerabilities that are found. Heck, some people have even found ways around this, working to remove vulnerabilities anyway, allowing their companies to continue to use the OS that they are most comfortable with, one that doesn’t require costly upgrades or a learning curve regarding its use.

Generally speaking, and with exception given to certain industries, most businesses don’t use Macs.

The more tech oriented the business, the more likely you are to find them running a Linux system.

Most companies still utilize separate monitors and separate desktops, as opposed to the “all-in-one” options that many of the computer manufacturers are releasing today.

We live in an age of “good enough” computing, where businesses have finally realized that upgrading every time something new comes out is not necessary; if something works, there’s no reason to fix it. There are better ways to invest in the business.



Most companies are utilizing VoIP phones these days; it just makes everything easier to do so, when all the current options are weighed. It’s a safe bet that there are not many old-school, rotary phones being utilized in businesses today… but you never know.


Cell Phones

Yes, many owners, and even many employees, utilize their own personal phones within a business context. Most people have gone over to smart phones. No more flip phones for the masses! (Ran into a huge issue the other day because of this one – the receptionist with a “unique” personality at the doctor’s office refused to look up my pharmacy and told me to do it on my phone. She refused to believe this was not possible on a flip phone; I refuse to upgrade to a smart phone for a host of reasons. We were at an impasse for quite some time).



Though many businesses are attempting to move away from paper records, the majority of businesses are still utilizing paper as a means of completing various business activities; the amount has lessened over the years, but we have not created a paperless environment as of yet… perhaps because playing games with the copy machine is still a lot of fun!


Your Business

If some of these sound like you and some do not, that’s quite alright. Remember, it’s all about what works best for you. Don’t upgrade if you don’t want to, don’t upgrade if you don’t need to, and always do your best to ensure that you stay within your means!


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