Recently we had another HostGator fun day. Just another one of the perks of working for HostGator. Everyone got together to go bowling, play pool and watch the bartender do some cool tricks. All company paid with free food and beer. You can’t beat that. So we took some pictures, and I wanted to post them for everyone who might like to see. One of the amazing things caught with a Camera, compliments of Lance, was these detailed images of liquid in action. I hope you enjoy them.

Make sure to click on the first 3 images to see greater detail.

21 thoughts on “Bowling, Beer Tricks and Buddies

  1. Now everyone is gonna flock to the HostGator live support and try to chat with the girls.

    “Hi girls, I have website problem. You give me phone number so we can talk about how to fix it, yes?”

  2. It is really ashamed that you would post this on the board. You are promoting drinking. This is not normal. As as a boss you would promote this. What about all the Duis and the folks that kill people that drink??? How sad. Just my thought

  3. Advertising your beer bust events is unprofessional and will hurt your business. Alcohol has no socially redeeming value, but the only ones that recognize that are the ones that had to make funeral arrangements for a friend or relative killed by a drunk or a drunk driver. Frankly, if I were looking for a web host (again) and came across this article, I’d go elsewhere.

  4. Nah it just shows they know how to have a good time as a company. The photos have nothing to do with the scenario you are trying to push.

  5. Advertising alcohol consumption at company sponsored events is stupid. If your insurance company gets wind of company sponsored events that promote or sanction the consumption of alcoholic beverages *and* a buzzed employee crashes their car on the way home, you guys will have to sell off all the servers, office furniture, foozball tables, and your shorts to cover legal costs in the millions of dollars. You’re advertising your poor business judgment and you should kill this article before it causes irreparable damage.

  6. For all you out there that are saying Hostgator promotes drinking. Let me set the record straight.

    This was a christmas/new years party for our company. Alcohol as involved but not forced on anyone by any means.

    ANY of you out there that think this are mistaken. And if you tell me your company does not have alcohol at your company parties i’ll either #1 Tell you that you are a liar (to your face) or #2 tell you that you need to find a better company.

    HostGator Takes care of their employees and if the employee drinks, guess what, PERKS ARE GREAT.

    So stop with the hating, because this is not promoting alcohol this is having a GOOD TIME.

    If you have nothing better to do then post on the blog about how bad it is, then you need to find a hobby, like drinking Aquafina and Brisk Iced tea.

    I said that..


  7. Yes, I agree. Everyone who was drinking was of age and was responsible we all look out for each other. Some of us even took cab rides home just in case. There is a little hostgator tidbit. Oh and one other thing to those who were complaining.

    JAGER BOMBS!!!!!

  8. Doug,

    I would like to know what law firm you graduated from. Yahoo has parties with martinis for everyone involved, as does google and microsoft and just about every large corporation I have come across. I used to work for Compaq and we had company parties at restaurants that served alchohol and the management bought us wine.

    Just because you don’t approve of something personally doesn’t give you the right to make up stuff regarding alchohol and insurance companies and whatnot. If insurance companies did not insure businesses that came in contact with alchohol at company functions, Yahoo wouldnt be able to get insurance, think about it, douche

  9. Good gosh people… I read the Bible cover to cover and they did a lot of “celebrating”. We all need to celebrate sometimes. What was the first miracle Jesus performed?… he turned water into wine at a wedding celebration. He was also accused of being a drunk and hanging out with drunks.
    I live across the border from a state that was known for granting drivers licenses to illegal aliens. There have been numerous fatal accidents with drunk illegal aliens, but the biggest problem was they couldn’t read the road signs! “Do Not Enter”, “Wrong Way”. I don’t drink but my daughters do. They either have a designated driver or call a cab. Leave HostGator alone. They aren’t showing pictures of them drinking while sitting at their computers… These are hard working people who are good at what they do.

  10. To Doug, and all the others who obviously have a problem, most likely because they were not invited to the party:

    Corporate America is justa reflection of society in general. As Americans, we drink. Hostgator chooses to honor their hard working employees with a beer and bowling party, because we all need to let our hair down sometimes. Before you spout off about million dollar lawsuits and such, consider this:

    Our leaders in Washington throw such parties every week, AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, and there are usually a couple of DWI busts at each one. At least Brent pays for this himself, and as Matt says, they watch out for each other.

    So the next time you attend your corporate Christmas Party, make sure you threaten your boss with a multi-million dollar lawsuit if he or she serves alcohol at the party.

    Oh and BTW, you may wish to brush up on Dramp Shop law, since it is the licensed liquor establishment that is responsible if someone leaves the party drunk and gets into an accident, NOT the person or company sponsoring the party. This (the company being responsible) only would hold true if the party were held on company property, which it is not.

    My 2 cents worth

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