Best WordPress Plugins for Inventory Management

Inventory management ranks as a top priority for small businesses. As your business grows, you’ll want to efficiently manage your business inventory

WordPress plugins offer several different inventory management options. The right plugin will automate your inventory processes and provide accurate data for reporting. When evaluating plugins, consider the features, ease of use, and support availability. 

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Transform your website into a top-notch eCommerce store. Here are 5 plugins you should try today: 

1. WP Inventory Manager

WP Inventory Manager is an easy-to-use plugin to manage inventory on your WordPress dashboard. There’s no hassle with the setup, and the drag-and-drop feature makes the plugin perfect for beginners. 

This powerful tool includes add-ons to help your small business. For instance, download the Breadcrumbs feature to filter your products and help customers navigate backward with ease. Or try the Lightbox add-on to display your high resolution product images. 

If you operate with large quantities of inventory items, you can invest in the paid Bulk Item Manager feature. It updates your items all at once. Just search by inventory field type and then change the fields of every item. 

wp inventory manager plugin for wordpress

Ledger is another useful paid feature. It helps you keep track of every quantity change and inventory reservation. This add-on will save your accounting team a few extra hours. 

WP Inventory Manager is an effective tool for car dealers and art collectors. It also supports multiple categories, customizable labels, separate database tables, and a templating system.

And don’t forget about the support!  You can access support directly from your WordPress dashboard.

2. Cart66 Cloud

When building your store with WordPress, you need a comprehensive inventory tool with a  simple setup process. Cart66 Cloud fulfills these requirements as an all-in-one inventory management system.

This plugin allows you to log in, get instant inventory reports, and re-stock quickly. Going beyond inventory monitoring, this tool lets you set up drip campaigns to sell even more products to your customers.

cart66 cloud inventory management plugin for wordpress

Cart66 brings immediate value to your small business. Here’s a review from Chris Lema, a blogger and speaker: 

“If you ask me, it’s tough work figuring out how to deliver as much value to as many people as possible and Cart66 has done a pretty great job of it.”

If you want to increase customer loyalty, there are also options for memberships, subscriptions, payment plans, and donations. There’s a 14-day free trial and it takes only minutes to get started.

If you want to align your inventory with your sales goals, then you need a solution that can monitor everything within your WordPress dashboard. Cart66 Cloud is the right tool for the job.

3. Z Inventory Manager 

Research found that one-third of businesses sold an item that wasn’t in stock. This issue is due to a lack of visibility in their inventory management workflow. When this happens, customers wait longer for products, and businesses can lose sales.

The good news is that a solution exists to prevent these operational challenges. Z Inventory Manager helps you manage your business better. It streamlines the process amongst your warehouse, accounting, and online storefront. 

z inventory manager wordpress plugin

This plugin checks stock levels in real time, so you can re-stock when your inventory gets too low. You can monitor all of your inventory from one place. Plus, if you need to print a report, you can instantly generate one to help organize sales, purchase orders, and shipments.

Small business owners can download the free version or upgrade to Z Inventory Manager Pro for an additional cost. The premium version includes a stats and history module for you to monitor the performance of inventory items. There’s also a copy module to duplicate recurring purchases with your suppliers or regular sales with your customers.

4. WordPress ERP Inventory Module

Inventory management saves your small business money. It helps you avoid unnecessary spoilage of products with an expiration date, like food. You also can dodge expensive storage fees when you have too much product on hand. 

The WP ERP Inventory Module integrates stock management within your accounting software. All your products are housed in a single location; you can see an overview of the item code, cost price, sale price, and the number of stock remaining. There’s a built-in search feature to make filtering through your products easier. 

wp erp inventory module plugin for wordpress

Need detailed reports? No worries. This plugin automatically generates your reports with a few simple clicks. There’s also the option to calculate the sales tax or pre-sales tax without any difficulty.

5. RentMy Online Rental Shop

Capterra reports that 46% of small businesses operating without a robust inventory management system. These teams either don’t track inventory at all or use a time-consuming manual method. 

Your business doesn’t have to operate in this manner. RentMy Online Rental Shop is a rental inventory management system with the goal to create a seamless customer experience. It’s an effective plugin for businesses in the rental vertical, including auto dealerships, toys & games, events, and equipment.  

rentmyonline rental shop wordpress plugin for inventory management

The real-time availability is one of the plugin’s best benefits. The tool automatically adjusts the availability of your items as you accept the reservations on your website. You also can set up flexible rental periods for your customers. Choose from fixed time slots or pre-defined durations.

In addition, RentMy Online Rental Shop offers integrated payment processing to accept online payments using your preferred merchant processor, including Stripe, PayPal, and

This plugin provides easy setup for non-technical business owners. Just install the plugin and add your products to any page or post. In just a few minutes, you’re ready to accept real-time online rental reservations.

Manage Your Inventory Better

When it comes to inventory management, businesses must consider all their options. Automated and real-time monitoring features make it easy to keep track of everything. Try these plugins and pick the right one for your business. 

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