Twitter Accounts to follow to grow your side hustle

Do you know where to go to get some of the best free advice when it comes to starting a freelance business or side hustle?

I’ll give you a hint: tweet tweet.

That’s right! Twitter.

Twitter is bustling with activity from successful freelancers and side hustlers. All you have to do to get in on the latest trends and recommendations is follow the right accounts and start engaging in conversations.

If you’re looking to grow your side hustle, here are the Twitter accounts you must follow.

1.Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee)

gary vaynerchuk twitter

There’s a reason Gary Vaynerchuk has 2.3 million followers—he’s one of the most influential entrepreneurs and has gobs of good advice to share with the masses.

The extra good news is he offers invaluable insight on Twitter daily. Here’s what you can expect when you follow @GaryVee:

  • Links to the latest GaryVee podcast episodes
  • Updates on recent business trends (think NFTs and crypto)
  • Tweets and RTs about upcoming business events

2. New Money Gang (@New_MoneyGang)

new money gang twitter

If you’re interested in making money online, then follow New Money Gang. This Twitter account is obsessed with all things new money and helping you grow your wealth.

New Money Gang has a website, YouTube account, podcast, Instagram, and Facebook. But, if you’re an avid Tweeter, you’ll love engaging with this account. 

Here are the kinds of tweets to expect from New Money Gang:

  • Updates about full-length Side Hustling episodes
  • Tweets about popular side hustle and crypto trends
  • Links to recent and relevant articles on how to build a side hustle

3. Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki)

guy kawasaki twitter

Guy Kawasaki is an evangelist, author, and speaker who constantly shares tips on how to network, influence, and build a successful business.

He is also the host of the Remarkable People podcast, where he interviews interesting people who have…well, remarkable stories.

Here are the kinds of tweets you’ll see from Guy Kawasaki:

  • Links to recent Remarkable People podcasts
  • Retweets to articles about entrepreneurship
  • Tips on notable startups, excellent resources, and how to build a strong network

4. Side Hustle Journey (@sidehustlej)

side hustle journey twitter

Are you interested in building a side hustle while you still work your day job? If so, then this is the Twitter account for you.

Side Hustle Journey offers tons of information on how you can make money on the side. Some of the top tweets include the following:

  • Links to resources that help guide you through how to do things like sell ebooks to make extra money
  • Tips about multiple streams of income
  • Motivational tweets encouraging you to move forward with your side hustles

5. Amplify Hustle (@AmplifyHustle)

amplify hustle twitter

It can be difficult to find financial freedom and Amplify Hustle is all about helping people start their own side hustles to make more money.

Amplify Hustle provides a link in their bio to guides that help you build your business. Once you scroll past the bio, you’ll see the following kinds of tweets:

  • Inspirational quotes to help motivate you to move forward
  • Retweets from other experts that know the ins and outs of building a side hustle
  • Threads about how to stand out in the crowded world of content creators

6. HostGator (@hostgator)

hostgator twitter

You’ve heard about the best web hosting provider, right? The one that will help you kick off your side hustle by building a high-quality website? If not—surprise! It’s us: HostGator.

Besides offering one of the best web hosting services in all of the land, we also provide tips and tricks on building your side hustle. 

Here’s what to expect from our Twitter account:

  • Links to content on how to build your ecommerce website
  • Tweets about everything you need to know about owning a website
  • Funny memes (we’re cool like that)

7. Chris Guillebeau (@chrisguillebeau)

chris guillebeau twitter

If you’ve spent any time listening to the daily podcast Side Hustle School or read The Money Tree, you’re already familiar with Chris Guillebeau.

Guillebeau is also an excellent resource to look to if you’re interested in taking unconventional approaches to make money. His blog and philosophy, The Art of Non-Conformity (AONC), is all about supporting original ideas.

Here’s what you get when you follow Guillebeau:

  • Insight into how to work hard and smart
  • Questions about projects you’re working on to boost thread engagement
  • Polls about the kind of content you want to see from him

8. Barbara Corcoran (@BarbaraCocoran)

barbara corcoran twitter

Barbara Corcoran is a successful New York Real Estate mogul and the host of the “Business Unusual” and the “888-Barbara” podcasts.

I saved the best for last: Barbara Corcoran is also one of the famous Shark Tank investors, making her a perfect person for any side hustler to follow.

Barbara Corcoran tweets:

  • Tips to boost motivation
  • Links to articles and recent interviews
  • Details about why she made certain decisions on Shark Tank

9. Freelancers Union (@freelancersu)

freelancers union twitter

If you’re going to transition to a full-time freelance role, then you’ll need to learn more about insurance, taxes, and how to connect with other freelancers.

Freelancers Union is an excellent resource to help you make the transition out of full-time work successfully.

Here are some top Tweets from Freelancers Union:

  • Links to Freelancer Union blog posts that teach about freelancing
  • Reminders about upcoming tax deadlines
  • Opportunities to support relevant political initiatives

10. Writer’s Digest (@WritersDigest)

writers digest twitter

Writer’s Digest has been around since 1920, but that doesn’t mean this resource isn’t hip on social media. 

Writer’s Digest is the website and Twitter account to follow if you’re part of the freelance writing community.

Here is what you can expect from the Writer’s Digest Twitter account:

  • Updates about upcoming writer’s conferences
  • Links to Writer’s Digest blog posts
  • Grammar reminders

11. Melinda Emerson (@SmallBizLady)

smallbizlady melinda emerson twitter

Melinda Emerson is ranked as the Forbes #1 influential woman for entrepreneurs, and it’s with good reason. She is the host for the #SmallBizChat podcast and the author of Fix Your Business & Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months.

If you’re looking for a mentor to help you grow your small business, Emerson is the woman to follow.

Here’s what Emerson tweets about:

  • Helpful business building tips
  • #SmallBizChat conversations with other professionals
  • Links to blogs about how to grow a business

12. MJ Barrelet (@mjbarrelet)

mj barrelet twitter

MJ Barrelet is all about helping others learn how to make passive income and build six-figure businesses.

Her website guides you through how to monetize your business and offers digital marketing tips. 

When you follow MJ Barrelet on Twitter, here’s what you get:

  • Access to free resources to help build your business
  • Affiliate marketing information
  • Information about exclusive training events

13. Apolline Adiju (@apollineadiju)

apolline adiju twitter

You may recognize Apolline Adiju as one of the Linkedin Top Voices for Marketing & Advertising in 2020. Adiju is one of the best resources out there if you’re looking to grow your side hustle via digital marketing.

One beneficial and unique aspect of Adiju’s Twitter account is that she includes a link to her Calendar so you can book a time to consult with her.

Here are some other helpful things her Twitter account offers:

  • Links to blog posts with marketing and advertising tips
  • Information about Google updates
  • Tweets promoting other helpful digital marketing tools side hustlers can use

14. Jamie Schmid (@jamieschmid)

jamie schmid twitter

Jamie Schmid is a WordPress and content strategy expert. When you follow her, you’ll learn all about how to create an excellent website for your side hustle or freelance gig.

Here’s what Jamie Schmid shares on her Twitter account:

  • Articles about how to improve SEO
  • Updates about WooCommerce deals
  • Tweets about DevOps tools

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