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Side hustlers, we see you. We know the hustle and grind means hard work and late nights, even after you’ve already put in your 9 to 5 at your day job.

Whatever drives you to do more and work harder, we want to help you hit your side hustle goals and take your next steps.

The HostGator blog team (a lot of us are side hustlers, too) has put together the info you need to go from idea to side income and maybe full-fledged business.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Establish your brand.
  • Build your website with WordPress.
  • Choose the right plugins for your website.
  • Find inspiration for your business.
  • Handle your side hustle finances, taxes, and insurance.
  • Take your side hustle full-time when you’re ready.

Chapter 1: Got your side hustle idea? Now you need a brand.

So you’ve got a great idea for how to start a side hustle. Or maybe you’re already chugging along with your side hustle and you’re ready to make it a little more “official.” Nothing will make it more official looking than a recognizable brand.

In chapter 1, you’ll learn how to decide on a great name, logo, and website domain. Next level? You’ll learn how to create a content strategy and social media presence for your side hustle.

Chapter 2: How to build your site with WordPress.

WordPress currently powers more than 30% of websites worldwide. That alone should tell you about the power, flexibility, and usefulness of this tool.

Learn how to create a custom website for your side hustle in a few short steps:

  1. Choose and install your design theme
  2. Create your website pages
  3. Set up your navigation menu
  4. Customize your homepage
  5. Download and install plugins

Chapter 3: Plugins every side hustler needs.

Plugins are the true workhorse of WordPress. In this chapter, we’ll cover our top recommendations for plugins to make your side hustle website hustle for you! After you select some sweet plugins, we’ll talk about cybersecurity basics you need to keep your site stable and secure.

Chapter 4: Inspiration Station

The thing about the grind is that while it can be exciting, sometimes it can also wear you down. Self-care and inspiration are important nutrients in the recipe of a side hustler. So, dive in to a big batch of our favorite resources and success stories from some of our fave side hustlers.

Chapter 5: Finance tips from our partner, Fundera

Savvy side hustlers know that the right partners can help their business thrive. For this chapter, we turned to our partners at Fundera, the go-to financial resource for every small business.

Fundera will point you in the right financial direction for:

  • How to select the best business credit card and bank account
  • How to select the right financial tools
  • Loans
  • Business insurance
  • How to tackle taxes as a new side hustler

Chapter 6: Putting your side hustle front and center.

Ready to transition from side hustle to full time career? This chapter will help you wave goodbye to your 9-5 and propel your new career forward.

Ready to hustle? Download the eBook now!

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Blair Williamson is the content marketing manager for HostGator where she comes up with great ideas for blog content, webinars, and emails to help you rock your business.

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