Blog monetization is something that many site owners, content creators, and bloggers will spend a lot of time on. However, only a few will actually master the art of generating enough traffic to their site in order to make some serious money with it.

At the same time, before even thinking about site monetization, you must know who your target audience is, how to create the best content possible, and have an ultimate call to action in place.

These focus points will vary heavily based on the type of content you are creating, and the audience you are going after—but the monetization methods and the process still work the same.

Below I will highlight some of the best ways to make money with content on your website or blog.

Creating a blog

1. Lead Generation and Online Webinars

Being in the “make money online” industry, I see a ton of bloggers and experts selling their own products and services. This usually happens after a blogger or authority figure has already established themselves within a space. Not only can you make money with a blog, you can also change your life with one in the process.

No matter when you are going to start the monetization process, lead generation is something you should always be working on—but it ultimately comes down to the quality of content you are offering, and the perceived value by the end user.

Here’s an effective and simple way to get started.

  1. First, you need to have a mailing list. Most of us already have one of these in place. If you don’t already, set one up today.
  2. Second, have an offer to give away in exchange for a user submitting their email and joining your list. This can be as simple as a free PDF or access to a private section of your site.
  3. Third, have an autoresponder and solid call to action in place.

This simple three-step process works wonders.

For those who are looking for the best results possible and wanting to sell higher ticket priced items, I recommend using each of the three methods above, but also adding a webinar into the mix.

Not only are webinars easy to set up and work wonders for lead generation and sales, it can also blow your conversions and ROI through the roof. Even more exciting is what companies like ClickMeeting are doing with their integrations for Facebook and YouTube live streaming. With users already active and familiar with these social and video platforms, it simply leads to increased engagement, leads, and conversions for anyone using webinars to grow their brand or business.

This is especially true for anyone looking to market and sell coaching or live training sessions. While many websites and blogs are selling access to pre-recorded videos and text content in a member area, the opportunity to sell live training sessions is also possible.


2. Affiliate Marketing with Focused Offers

Having been in the industry and making money for well over twenty years now, affiliate marketing is where I got my start, and it’s still one of the best and most effective ways to make money online. The concept is simple: Refer traffic to another website, and earn a commission on any leads or sales that are generated.

Affiliate marketing works so well, because there is no inventory to hold, and nearly every website and brand has some form of commission based marketing in effect. In fact, HostGator also has an affiliate program of their own, in which they pay out millions of dollars to their site partners every year.

HostGator Affiliate

There are also affiliate networks like Shareasale, Commission Junction, and Rakuten Linkshare that make it free and easy to join their platform and then gain access to hundreds of individual affiliate programs.

However, just promoting affiliate marketing offers on your site isn’t enough to find success. You need to choose the right offers, and have content that makes the user want to take action.

A perfect example of this can be seen on any of the review or coupon sites you might come across in the search results. When someone is searching for a coupon or review online, they are already in buying mode.

Most of these pages will provide audiences with testimonials, offers, and where to buy the individual product or service they are looking for. They are also limiting distractions, and have only one call to action in mind.

If you want to find success with affiliate marketing, keep all of these winning methods in mind.


3. Google Adsense and Native Advertising

Google Adsense? Yes… I’m actually recommending Google Adsense as a way to monetize the content on your site.

When it comes to making money with Google Adsense, you either understand it or you don’t. The reason why Google Adsense is one of the most used and recommended methods for making money online is that it’s dead simple to use, and Google does all of the work for you. All you, as the site owner, have to do is join their program, and then place a line of code on their site.

If it’s so easy, you might ask, then why is it so hard to make money with? This all comes down to how Google Adsense is being used. As someone that has been able to make six figures with their Google Adsense account, I will tell you that it’s all about being able to blend Adsense ads into your site and content, so they don’t look like ads.

By this, I mean don’t place banner ads in your sidebar or at the top of the page. Instead, have your ads actually shown within the content on your site. This is how you grab the attention of the audience, and put Google’s ad targeting to work. You can learn more about the best banner locations and sizes here.

Whether you are using Google Adsense or not, I would also recommend looking at native advertising and content recommendations. Site owners all around the world are making some great money by running ads through platforms like RevContent, OutBrain and many others.

The key takeaway here is to understand your audience and the end call to action. If you have a website or blog that is pushing a high value CPA offer, or your own product, Google Adsense and contextual advertising likely isn’t a good fit—as it will pull users away from your site for a fraction of the potential commission and earnings you could be getting from your target offer.


Going from Blog to Business to Brand

Starting a blog is easy. Making money with a blog and becoming an authority isn’t.

However, if you are willing to put in the time, work, and effort, this is quite possible. For more on this process, be sure to read this article where I will walk you through the process.

No matter what niche market you are in, or the monetization method you choose, always focus on the final call to action and getting real users to your site.

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