In a previous post, we looked at some tasks a chatbot can automate for small businesses.

Today, we’ll look at three popular chatbot options. Two are WordPress plugins and the other is one of the most widely used chat tools – Facebook Messenger. All three can help your business in different ways.

We’ll evaluate each of these options based on the tasks we talked about in our last chatbot post:

  • Instant customer service
  • Marketing data collection
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Help customers find what they’re looking for
  • Remind customers about items in their cart
  • Send campaigns via chat, email, text

Read on to find the right chatbot for your small business. 

1. Facebook Messenger bots

Facebook Messenger for Business is the chat tool with the biggest reach, and it’s easy to get started. To add a full range of bot capabilities, it’s easiest to use a WordPress- and Messenger-compatible plugin, unless you have a Facebook developer to customize things for you.

Instant customer service

Some businesses use Messenger for live chat on their Facebook pages. You can also integrate a third-party chatbot template (more on that below) so your customers never have to wait for answers to their questions. 

facebook messenger chatbot

This one-woman custom embroidery business saves time with a Facebook Messenger bot that answers FAQs.

Marketing data collection

You can view Messenger data in Facebook’s Analytics dashboard. If you integrate your Messenger bot with Facebook ads, you’ll also get access to metrics for those campaigns.

Personalized product recommendations

You can use your customer chat data to create individual offers based on their interests.

Help customers find what they’re looking for

With a third-party bot tool (more on that below), your chatbot can act as a personal shopper for customers who’d rather buy something fast than browse your inventory.

use facebook messenger bot as a personal shopper

Astrid is Lego’s 2019 gift bot on Facebook Messenger. 

Remind customers about items in their cart

Reminders can boost your store’s conversion rate. You may find it easiest to use a paid WooCommerce plugin like CartBack or Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce to send cart reminders through Messenger. 

Send campaigns

You can combine your Facebook Messenger chatbot with Facebook Ads to target custom audiences. “Click to Messenger” ads can get your audience to engage with your chatbot, find products and make purchases. 

For most small businesses, Facebook Messenger is the easiest way to get started with chatbots. Facebook’s free online Messenger for Business courses can help you get over the learning curve fast. 

All this is great, but what about reaching visitors to your website? With the right plugin, you can extend your Facebook Messenger chatbot to your site, too. 

2. WP-Chatbot

MobileMonkey’s WP-Chatbot is one of several that are Facebook-approved for Messenger integration. It can enable or enhance the six tasks we’re interested in. 

mobilemonkey wp chatbot plugin for wordpress

WP-Chatbot also lets you add Facebook Messenger to your website so anyone with a Messenger account can use your chat without having to go to Facebook.

Instant customer service

You can build menu-based chatbots to answer common questions.

Marketing data collection

MobileMonkey’s marketing platform collects all your chat data from all sources for analysis. You can use this for several types of campaigns—more on that below.

Personalized product recommendations

MobileMonkey’s suite of chatbot tools includes a customized landing page builder, so you can tailor your audience’s experience to their interests. 

mobilemonkey chatbot wordpress plugin provides personalized product recommendations

Because WP-Chatbot integrates with WooCommerce, your chatbot can offer your customers product recommendations with links to those pages. 

Help customers find what they’re looking for

WP-Chatbot lets you share category menus in your customer chats.

share ecommerce product category menus with mobilemonkey wordpress chatbot plugin

This can increase conversions by helping shoppers find what they want fast, without having to navigate your entire site.

Remind customers about items in their cart

Conversion form tools in WP-Chatbot let you automate follow-ups with customers. For example, if shoppers add items from chat to their carts but then leave, your chatbot can follow up with a reminder or offer to answer any questions they have about those products. 

Send campaigns

The plugin lets you create and send several types of campaigns, including chat blasts, drip campaigns and Messenger ads. It also integrates with several email marketing platforms so you can use your chat data to support newsletter and drip campaigns via email. 

Many WP-Chatbot features are free. Some of the advanced marketing features require a subscription. You can see MobileMonkey pricing here

What if your business isn’t on Facebook and you don’t want to join? You still have options. We’ll look at one of the best-rated WordPress chatbot plugins that’s also WooCommerce compatible.

3. Acobot AI Chatbot

This virtual shop assistant chatbot is designed to help WooCommerce stores increase conversions and build stronger customer relationships. 

Instant customer service

Aco introduces itself as your personal shopping assistant and tailors its welcome messages to the page visitors land on. 

Marketing data collection

Aco integrates with WooCommerce sales and marketing tools but doesn’t offer the same kind of one-stop data aggregation and analysis as Facebook Messenger and WP-Chatbot. 

Personalized product recommendations

Because Acobot is AI-driven, it learns over time what your visitors are looking for. This allows the chatbot to provide a better experience for your customers. When it’s integrated with other WooCommerce tools, it can make upsell and cross-sell recommendations. 

Help customers find what they’re looking for

Most of us don’t like using the search tools online stores provide. Acobot lets customers skip that process. 

acobot chatbot plugin for wordpress

The chatbot asks customers what they want, shows them what’s in stock and opens the product pages they’re interested in.

Remind customers about items in their cart

Acobot emphasizes its abandoned cart recovery feature. The chatbot can send reminders to shoppers when they’ve left something in their cart. 

Send campaigns

Acobot doesn’t handle marketing campaigns on its own the way WP-Chatbot does. But it can offer coupons to customers as they shop, to encourage them to buy.

The basic version of Acobot is free. Other plans range from $9 to $29 per month.

Add a Chatbot to Your Online Store Today

Adding a chatbot can keep customers around, encourage them to buy and bring them back to your shop.

Want to learn more about using technology to drive sales in your online store? Read our step-by-step guide to setting up sales funnels in Google Analytics.

Casey Kelly-Barton is an Austin-based freelance B2B content marketing writer. Her specialty areas include SMB marketing and growth, data security, IoT, and fraud prevention