We may be calling it prematurely, but so far, this year is off to an amazing start for us ‘Gators. In January, we surpassed all of our previous sales records! We have a new record for sales on both a single day and for an entire month. I wish I could be more excited, but we are having one very serious problem.

STAFFING. Or rather, the lack of it.

Every day I wake up to read about thousands of Americans being laid off of work. Unemployment is hitting new highs in America and yet I’m being forced to, once again, slow down HostGator’s growth due to the lack of qualified employees.

It’s almost as if America’s recession needs to be a full blown depression (If we’re not already there), in order for us to find the employees we are in desperate need of.

If you are a qualified Linux or Windows system administrator in America, on unemployment, and fail to apply for a job with HostGator, you should know that you are a leech on society. There are millions of Americans out there doing everything that they can to find a job and keep themselves from starving to death while we are here begging for you to apply with us!

If you are too lazy to fill out our online job application (doesn’t take long at all), then post a comment and I’ll personally get in touch with you. If you live in another state, we’ll even provide up to $5,000 for relocation assistance to our office in Houston, TX.

The United States of America used to be the land of opportunity, but we have now become the land of bailouts and handouts. A couple days ago, I had to go to the county tax collector’s office and I couldn’t help but notice that the line wrapped outside of the building. A few months ago, I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles and it ended up taking three hours to get to the front of the line. It has been a while since I’ve been to a post office, but I can’t recall one time in my life the line wasn’t at least twenty minutes.

How is it we have millions of people who are either under employed or unemployed and every time I need to get something done with the government I usually end up waiting hours? I paid thousands at the tax collectors office and the DMV sure doesn’t do anything for free.

What about the millions of Americans receiving checks without having to do any work at all? Call me crazy, but I believe some of those people should be put to work for the money they are getting paid. I was in line with over fifty tax payers for about three hours at the DMV. If you added up how much money we all made per hour you would find that the government wasted thousands of dollars worth of our time. The DMV could even make some type of priority line that charges an extra fee. I would have gladly paid $10 bucks more to cut the line. This would create more jobs, more revenue, and saved me from wasting hundreds of dollars of my time.

There was a former HostGator employee, we’ll call him Derek. He worked part-time for us at around 20 hours a week. One day, when things got busier than normal and we asked him to stay a bit later to help out. Derek quickly said he was unable to and made sure to leave on-the-dot. This made sense when later we found out that he was collecting welfare checks and if he worked over 20 hours he would have made “too much money” to where he wouldn’t receive his welfare check!

Millions of people are out of work and everyone is saying how bad the economy is, which I won’t argue. Yet, it’s close to impossible to get someone on the phone and when you do it’s usually a fifteen minute hold. HostGator’s hold times aren’t what we hope for them to be at the moment and that’s why were hiring!

Bank of America recently announced that they will be laying off 30,000 to 35,000 employees. I went to a local branch two days ago to do a wire. The wire cost me $25 and I had to wait 40 minutes to be helped. The time before that I went to a different branch and I waited about a half hour for service. In fact, I can almost guarantee that any time I walk into a BOA, I’ll be waiting about a half hour. It seems to me they should be hiring instead of firing. But that’s not how it works when CEOs and executives pillage a company blind. The little guys get screwed while the big time crooks live the good life.

Bernard Madoff, the man who stole over $50 BILLION from charities, business owners, and now bankrupt individuals, is currently under house arrest in his $7 million dollar Manhattan apartment. What the government need to do is a public hanging and then broadcast it on TV. We should all be rioting in the streets that he is still living a life of luxury with stolen money. We need more accountability in America and that’s never going to happen with bailouts and handouts.

55 thoughts on “Bad Economy, Good for HostGator?

  1. I tend to agree with most everything you have said. My mom actually just got fired this week from a job of 9 years. It seems the bank wanted to outsource her work to another company because it would save them money, when in fact it’s probably going to cost them more to train employees, transfer all of the files and data, and then to fix the mistakes that my mom had to learn throughout the 9 years.

    Stupid decisions by banks, so now she is on unemployment, though I think with good reason, and is actively searching for another job. So I do agree that people that receive welfare checks should get MUCH less than they receive now and for a LOT less time. They need to actively find a job because there are tons of them out there, just because the media says there isn’t doesn’t mean it’s true.

    I’ll stop rambling now though :P

  2. Years ago I worked as a bartender in NYC after getting laid off and most of the money I received was in cash tips. I was making more as a bartender than my previous job. Most people told me that I should be collecting unemployment too. I told them that wasn’t fair since I was doing well. There response was always “Well, you paid the money for the benefits, you should take them”.

    The problem is most people think it is ok to cheat the government, cause you pay taxes. Of course when you cheat the government, you are simply cheating the rest of us, as well as yourself.

  3. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

    Very well put, I could not agree with you more. It is time for America to stop with the handouts and time for this country to get back on our feet, back to work, and stimulating our own economy.

  4. Just want to say thank you for writing this. I enjoy your blog. Well said.

    I am sorry you are having difficulty finding employees. How are you getting the word out? I’m guessing you tried newspaper want-ads, monster.com, or craigslist?

  5. I am expert in website designing and development activities. I need online work. what should i do?…. Can you offer me some online job work….

  6. Hi Mark,

    We do EVERYTHING. Craigslist, banners on webhostingtalk saying were hiring, conventions, tech meetups, monster, careerbuilder, etc etc.

    It seems we spend more time and money now a days advertising that were hiring then we do on selling services.

    Just yesterday I got back from attending the parallels / plesk convention. We had a booth there with one purpose and that was to steal employees from our competition attending.

    Irfan we most likely would hire you but that would require you work in house out of our houston office. If this is possible please email me at brent@ hostgator.com

  7. Hi Brent!

    I enjoyed your article very much and even enjoy your hosting services even more! As a new customer to HostGator I was blown away by the savings and quality that I receiving by making the switch. I liked the company so much I even applied! Even my older brother applied as well! we have family friends in Houston so relocating was definitely an option. Unfortunately, we have yet to hear back. we both hold bachelor degrees in Computer Science and a have a handful of skills to become an asset to this wonderful company.

    Thanks so much!
    A Happy customer & Hopefully a future employee!

    Baha Khalil

    Please view my resume on my website at your convenience.

  8. Hi Brent,

    I received your email as well. In our article above it state you are short on staff. Does that mean there are entry level positions available where someone could eventually work their way up the ladder to system administration or find their niche? HostGator sounds like a great oppurtunity and company to work for.


  9. As a 41 year old ex Support Manager of several software companies, the larger issue is some of us can’t move. Especially to somewhere like Houston. The secondary issue is many companies advertise for tech help, but they love to put the little tag on the end that says “Non Manager Experience” – Leaving a guy like me who knows how to service people in the dark just because I have spent time with P&L responsibility and a 5 million dollar budget.

    The final issue is that rather than hire someone with experience, the goal is to go for the cheapest cost, or better yet, offshore. My wife and (who is also an experienced support manager)I were both forced to offshore parts, or all of our respective departments about 3 years ago before I lost my position in a merger. I was forced into taking part into hiring as cheap as I could due to budgetary restraints as well.

    So what do I do these days? Peddle tech services and websites… Not all of us are looking for handouts and bailouts. Believe me, I don’t make any money but I am at least happy to sit here every day and accomplish something :) and be a computer nerd as I have since the days when I built an Altair :)

    Good luck on your search for Admins.


  10. We have been considering opening an office in orlando in about a years time. We have such a big office here in houston it’s a shame we can’t fill it.

  11. Hey Brent,

    Can i work for hostgator in INDIA. I have good command over hosting and website designing in INDIA. I want to start my own company. Tell me what is your opinion. I can promote your hosting products and services in INDIA.

  12. I’m sorry Irfan we are only hiring local employees at this time. If we ever start hiring in India you can be sure we’ll blog about it here.

  13. you hiring five people isn’t really going to help the 700,000 unemployed in NYC. I am all for welfare not warfare and american entitlement. I hope the country goes belly up that way we may learn something from this.

    I have no problem with my taxes going to help, feed and educate people. Too bad my taxes go to bomb the shit out of countries and steal their oil and over pay for the shitty healthcare in this country.

  14. Great Article Brent! You’re observations are right on the money.

    One thing I thought you might want to add or post another article on… what does it take to be a Linux Administrator and what you would recommend someone do if they want to develop those skills? Any particular certifications you would recommend? I worked as a helpdesk tech on a Novell Network for 4 years – 5 years ago. If I wanted to upgrade my skills so that Hostgator could hire me, what’s the quickest thing I could do to become a helpdesk tech for you? Please fill me in!

    Glad to hear HG is doing well despite the downturn.

  15. Hi Jose,

    We are in serious need of some good windows admins. Shoot me off an email and we’ll see if hg would be the right fit for you.

  16. Hire me, Im in Colombia! :)
    Well, I know economy is going down but I think its nos as deep as it looks. I mean, like in my country, everybody cries about there is no money but suddenly the newspapers starting giving out information about DMG , a Madoff style ripoff , and now there are millions of poor people who claim they lost all their money (MILLIONS!!!!!!!)into those “investments”.

  17. Hi Brent,
    Excellent post. I wish you would send it to Barack Obama. At least, they may adopt your idea of paying $10 for a shorter line wait. That would bring in more revenue, but the government doesn’t operate as a profitable business would, so maybe not. It’d be worth a try, though.
    I’m visiting your website today and plan to be a customer very soon. I’m a newbie doing my research, trying to figure out how to make a living with an online business. I love the idea that your company is in Houston. Please stay.
    Regarding the need for Admins; As an ex-Realtor, I witnessed people from California & other states relocating to the Houston area by the droves… Before the crisis. Perhaps you could advertise employment positions in the “high cost of living states” Many are still relocating. They are selling their 300K & higher priced homes at a loss, relocating and paying cash or a large down pmt. here for a newer, better home than the one they had.
    A free advertising method would be to contact “Relocation” Realtors here in Houston who are anxiously waiting for their out of state potential clients to secure employment. You get employees, the Realtor get buyers. Just a thought.

    Kindest Regards,

  18. I have just been recently employed by HostGator. I believe that this is a company you can grow with and have a stable career. We offer great services and excellent customer support. Even though my time at HostGator has only just started, I do feel that I will be here 10 years from now. You are treated like a person more than an employee at HostGator, it is very relaxed and comes with great perks. I would suggest to anyone that is looking for a career to apply. I have a drive of 45 minutes a day without traffic, and yet every minute is worth it because I am able to come to a really excellent work environment, and these days you cannot say that about most employers.

  19. I tried to apply last year but since i live in France it didn’t work with the visa procedure etc..
    in case the situation changed and by that i mean you started hiring internationally I’ll be glad to move to Houston :)

  20. We’ll hire anyone that’s qualified and is able to get a visa and make it here to houston. The way that works is we pretty much sign a paper offering the job and for x amount of salary. You would then need to hire a lawyer there that would use that to obtain the visa for you.


  21. Dear Mr. Oxley,
    I heard about HostGator through a friend and I am very impressed; it looks like you have a really progressive, successful company. I am relocating to Houston the first week of May and am currently looking for work. While I have some basic IT experience and took an MCSE course several years ago, my resume is a bit thin in that respect. Most of my 12 years of experience is in Office Administration, Customer Service, A/R & A/P. The website would only allow me to apply for specific IT jobs, not administrative, but I was hoping you will allow me to submit my resume to you and possibly set up an interview while I am in town on March 30 & 31st. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.

  22. Brent,

    I totally agree with your comment on hand-outs. I had read somewhere that the problem that has gotten out of hand is that people feel entitled to certain benefits rather than having to achieve them. It’s much easier to follow than to lead. We need to start to spawn the imaginations of people again.

    I have been involved in web design for 10 years and have found that there are so many new opportunities for business as the web sector continues to grow.

    Hostgator has been the best! I started using you guys and also recommended you all to a colleague of mine who was reselling for another company and has also found HG to be spectacular in service and speed. There is just something about CPanel that makes it better than the H-Sphere based solutions.

    All the best.

  23. We’ve got the same issues in the UK. You can’t get any government benefits until you are absolutely broke and then they give you everything. The moment you start work, they take it all away.

  24. I think if left alone, most people become lazy and useless. Most of us only have a drive to succeed when we’re under pressure.

    I just applied for a part-time position at HostGator, actually. After two semesters of full-time job and part-time school, I’ve found I have lots of free time now that I’m not taking classes, and I’ve found I don’t do very much during that time off.

    Realistically, also, I’m a little afraid of what’s going to happen to the economy. My 401k has taken a hit in the past year or so and, even though my current job caters to the upper middle class, eventually everyone could be affected depending on how many more bailouts the government keeps issuing… something tells me that’s not how capitalism is supposed to work. ;)

  25. Hello Brent,

    I share your frustration. I also believe in our country and know our innovation will lead to better times. It is our way.

    Although I live in San Antonio, my wife and I thought it would be a good investment to move to Houston due to better economy. Unfortunately, we are stuck in a lease, but I don’t think that will stop us if I can find a job that fits.

    I just got through 3 months of working hard to pick myself up from back surgery and I had a ton of time to think about our future. Although I am currently employed as an IT consultant/administrator here in San Antonio, I would love to find work in Houston that would improve my financial situation, work with me on a schedule that would allow me to go to school, and provide an exciting growth experience.

    I found this forum, after not being able to sleep last night, and wanted to let you know that I had a phone interview by one of your employees this past Wednesday. Hopefully, I will hear back from Celeste in your HR department so I can go and visit you guys in person. I have filled out some other applications for jobs in the Houston area, so please let me know what your hiring staff thought so you guys can snatch me up before someone else.

    Anyways, even if I don’t get hired on, I wish you well in finding the people you need. Who says everyone has to struggle? It may just be a matter of perspective. Learning from hard times is valuable as well.

  26. Nice Article/Post…

    Except you forgot that the people who were hardworkign are still hardworking and it was greed that got us here. Greed from everyone (especially corporate CEO’s this time).

    I don’t subscribe to the theory that rich people are greedy, I’ve seen all kind of greedy people from all nationalities and class levels.

    When we as humans decide not to think and to let others (POLITICIANS, any type of RELIGION, CEO’s of institutions) to continue to this for us, we’re bound to repeat the same stupid cycles we’ve been repeating for ages.

  27. Hi! Just caught this as I was taking a break from filling out your application for a linux sysadmin.

    I’m finishing that up in a bit, but if you’d still like, you can contact me as soon as you get a chance!


  28. i took this offer up, i got the job. im supposed to start may 18th, after relocating from crappy old ohio!

  29. I’ve been using your hosting service for a while, and I’m really liking it. Then today I read this post and was stunned that you can’t find enough qualified employees! I’m a college student (graduating in December of this year with a BS in Computer Science) and I have been looking for a while for internships this summer with little success. Everyone else seems to have gone into a hiring freeze and have no more positions available.

    If you have any interest in hiring an intern for the summer, I’d be very interested. I currently live in San Antonio, but was actually looking primarily in Houston as I have ties there. I am a very experienced Linux server admin, and have quite a bit of experience with Windows servers as well. Should I send you my resume? :)

  30. Hey Brent.

    I want to say thanks for your post. It helped reaffirm something I struggle with currently. I lost my job due to corporate consolidation as they were trying to cut costs and no longer had a place for me in the fall of last year. Even with the urging of family while I have been actively seeking new employment, I have refused to seek any type of government assistance or unemployment. I just cannot do it. This of course has made things tight on the financial side, but I know I’ll feel a lot better personally when the right opportunity comes around. Unfortunately, NE FL is pretty hard hit when it comes to finding employment in the IT sector.

    That said, I stumbled upon this blog a couple weeks back, and took your advice and applied for a position as a Windows System Administrator since I have a lot of background in that area from a systems and web hosting perspective, and have also been a Cpanel/WHM reseller through Host Gator for a number of years.

    I’ve since had a technical interview over the phone, and that appeared to go well. Now I find myself in the ‘wait and see’ mode of ever anticipating a potential call back from HR.

    I spoken with family, and prepared them and have done some research on Houston both living/traffic and general info to prepare myself if the call comes through that I plan to take the opportunity if it arises.

    If there is anything else you can recommend regarding this opportunity, please let me know. The past week has helped put a positive light on a rather bleak search the past couple months, I just hope it works out for the best.

  31. I have loved your service for several years. Until I read this posting — I didn’t realize that Hostgator is a right-wing propaganda mouthpiece! Can’t believe the unfounded crap you wrote.

    Oh well…


  32. Hi guys. I’m British, so naturally I live in the UK. Here the Benefits/Dole (Welfare) are in an even worse state than the US equivalent! Our Government will give people housing (4 bed room), Free NHS (National Health Service – basically everything you need health wise. But free), and about $50,000 for doing absolutely nothing! Our tax laws are 40% for above £30,000 earners (Excluding £7,500 pre-tax allowance) and that’s what pays for everyone to be on welfare! Its a disgrace. People believe because they were born in this country they are suddenly entitled to welfare, even if they can work. I’ve nothing against welfare, but I do when its being abused in this sense.

    Our un-employment is bad, but it seems here every job available is actually being snapped up by qualified individuals.

    @Brent. I’m only 16, so perhaps my views aren’t in touch with the real business world, however the logic to me is why can’t you employ people to work at home, and work abroad? Set them up with the appropriate system to use perhaps Remote Desktop, Live Chat systems and even a phoneline re-direct. Surely that’d be less than the $5k re-location costs? Also, I make numerous websites for companies here in the UK and I insist they host with HostGator, it’s simply the best I’ve came across, great service and cheaper than the UK services offered (+ I get $50 for the referral :D) but seriously, why couldn’t you employ someone here in the UK to work as a UK representative for your help system, set them up with their own 9-5 direct help line and I know for sure I’d phone them for assistance. Whereas your US numbers cost about $6 a minute to phone from here.

    Sorry If I went on a bit, just intrigued that’s all :).

    I’d appreciate a reply, but in the big bad world of Hosting CEO’ing I know getting around to things can be tough, so I’m not expecting one :)

    Cheers, Jack.

  33. Hi Jack,

    We’ve tried remotes in the past and after one issue after another we gave it up.

    Here’s a few of the issues that came up in past.
    1. security issues. (trojans)
    2. Employee working for both us and competitor during same shift / hours simultaneously.
    3. Playing wow instead of working
    4. drugged out / drunk working.
    5. Always lying about times. Not punching out for a few minutes here there, late, etc.
    6. Remotes usually don’t get along with inhouse employees.
    7. Remotes usually say “f” the job I don’t care what happens I can easily find another remote position.

    There’s very very few people in this world that can handle being a remote and doing the job to the best of their ability. I strongly believe one of the reasons we are the leader that we are today is due to being in house.

    calljrnow you seem to think I agree with all the bailouts and ceo’s getting bonuses for bankrupting their companies. In my eyes this is also welfare. If they had to work for what they earned instead of having it given to them through corrupt accounting practices and gambling the economy would be in a much different position.I believe in survival of the fittest when it comes to business. It sickens me that were giving one bailout after another to companies and allowing them to stay in business. If they don’t have the money to stay alive they need to auctioned off and let the market decide what their remaining assets are worth. It’s very unfair for companies that manage their money wisely to have to compete with those that are selling below cost and bankrupt. If we pulled the plug on all the companies on life support the strong will take their place and the economy will once again start growing. America is doing nothing but prolonging this recession by propping the economy up artificially while bankrupting America.

  34. Yes. this bad economy will not affect Internet related products.

    and in India ICICI bank now reduced their service time up to 2pm due to some incident in US. Before ICICI bank is the 1st Indian Bank served up 8pm.

    Hope world economy resolve within 2 months.

  35. Great post! I couldn’t have said it better…
    I’ve been unemployed since April, however I am taking this opportunity to be my owm boss and do something I’m passionate about. So, I started a web developing company, currently using Hostgator for the value they offer.
    I’m currently seeking a web designer partner to join me in growing the business using the Hostgator platform.
    I would like to hear from experienced web designers, let’s talk.

    “there is no better time to act than now”

  36. Hey Brent,

    Well my wife and I will be moving to Houston (back to Houston for me, first time for her) in September. I have applied for the Tech Support position, but the reality is that I would like to work my butt off and move up to the System Admin position. Do you think these positions will be available in September? I would love to work for Host Gator.

  37. Hi B. Buckholtz,

    We are always growing so we’ll definitely have positions available.

    We are being much more selective these days on which applicants we hire due to the volume of resumes so unfortunately we can’t hire everyone.

    Best of luck!!!

  38. I read this blog post, and thought I would leave a comment and say I agree with everything you said. Welfare and the like, for people that are capable of working but just don’t want to, drives me nuts. Call me crazy, but with the way the economy is, and in particular IT positions and the droves of people wanting the same position you are applying for…. you should count yourself extremely lucky if you have a steady job that gives you a nice paycheck.

    I just applied for the open Linux Systems Admin position a few minutes ago. I’m a new graduate from SHSU with my BBA in Management Information Systems. In addition I have my UNIX Specialist, Web Specialist, A+, and MCP certifications. I’ve appeared on the President’s List and Dean’s List at both colleges I’ve attended multiple times, and I put myself through school working in various part-time IT roles in both the government and private sector and still can’t seem to land a job. I would say I’ve probably put in close to 150 applications in various places all across the Houston area and have only had a few call backs. It’s cut throat out there.

    … and to those of you who collect welfare checks off of my dime, and are able to work: Get a job!

  39. Hey Brent,

    Really impressed and agree with you, one can earn even better in recession.

    “people should use their head to think instead of growing hairs only”

  40. I completely agree with you, we are finding that the recession is only helping our internet business, Garry is right we need to start using our head

  41. Just want to say thank you for writing this. I enjoy your blog.It sickens me that were giving one bailout after another to companies and allowing them to stay in business. If they don’t have the money to stay alive they need to auctioned off and let the market decide what their remaining assets are worth. It’s very unfair for companies that manage their money wisely to have to compete with those that are selling below cost and bankrupt. Tks!

  42. i like it jobs because it is a high paying job and you work in an air conditioned office :.,

  43. i was starting to reckon i might probably be the sole man or women who thought about this, at the least now i find out i’m not nutty :) i will make it a point to see a handful of other articles right after i get a little caffeine in me, adios for now :)

  44. Hello Brent,

    Any chances of opening an office again in South Florida? I think there is a large talent pool here and real estate is now a bargain. Have a look in Weston, which is centrally located between Miami and Palm beach.

    Jose from So. Flo.

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