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  • Hostgator Dotcom (aka Billy the Billboard)

    Thursday, August 19, 2010 by
    Many will remember "Billy the Human Billboard", who we covered in our previous blog post after he received a HostGator tattoo on the back of his neck. Billy’s HostGator tattoo has sparked a range of responses from: people asking to get this done, outrage, and even proposed boycotts. Someone even went as far as to compare HostGator with human traffickers as you can see in the video below: httpv:// Billy has gone on to receive additional tattoos from other companies (27 and counting), moving him closer to his goal of having the most tattoo advertisements in the Guinness Book of World Records. Since then, Billy is no longer "Billy the Human Billboard", as he has legally changed his name to "Hostgator Dotcom". httpv:// Hostgator Dotcom's driver license: Hostgator Dotcom's certificate of name change:
  • Video Tutorials for Resellers

    Friday, July 9, 2010 by
    Our Reseller Hosting clients might be happy to hear they have a new feature awaiting them in the form of over 400 brandable, support video tutorials.

    For awhile now, HostGator has been using similar video tutorials to assist us in supporting our clients. Now our resellers will be able to access these tutorials in their Web Host Manager (WHM) and be able to:

    • Install the tutorial system on any subdomain.
    • Brand all the tutorials with your own company logo.
    • Choose from 7 different portal themes.
    • Customize your settings easily from WHM.
    • Voice narrated and non-voice versions of each video.
    • Generate the code to embed each branded video in your existing website or knowledge base

    The videos cover many different topics to assist your own web hosting clients including:

    • cPanel (w/ multiple skins)
    • Domain Management (Various registrars)
    • SiteBuilder & SiteStudio
    • FTP (Multiple FTP Clients)
    • E-mail (Multiple clients) & Webmail
    • MySQL /phpMyAdmin
    • WordPress, Joomla, Shopping Carts, etc.
    Whether you're a new reseller hosting customer, or an existing one, you can take advantage of these tutorials for free, no charge whatsoever. To get started, please login to your Web Host Manager, click "Plugins", and then click "Client Tutorials". You can get more information on how this works from the following video:
    We will update these videos with newer versions as they become out-of-date at no additional charge. Video updates will be automatic and will not require any effort from the reseller. In the future, we have plans to expand the library to include more topics, a female narration option for each video, and more themes. We also plan on releasing packages tailored for our VPS and dedicated customers as well within the upcoming months.
  • GeoCities Hosting Calls it Quits

    Monday, October 26, 2009 by
    It looks like GeoCities, the Free Web Hosting service owned by Yahoo!, is officially ending service to website owners today. I'm sure many of you have used their service at one point or another, so it's kind of sad to see them go down with all of the web sites they hosted. My first web site was on GeoCities, complete with a looping, low-quality instrumental midi file, and animated graphics. Many other free web hosting services like GeoCities have risen and fallen over the years because the free hosting business model just doesn't seem sustainable. It's amazing how many web sites with no business model or profitability sunk during the .com internet bubble. Internet businesses, like any other company, aren't immune from the age old philosophy of "you need to make money to stay in business". Now there are a few exceptions to this rule. It's still possible to come up with a great idea for a web site and receive funding from a venture capital firm (read: Twitter), but for the everyday web business owner, they understand the need to make a profit. Many GeoCities refugees have migrated over to HostGator, and we want to welcome you all with open arms. We can assure you that HostGator won't have the same fate as GeoCities because well, we're a profitable company. If you have a site with GeoCities and need a new home, post a comment and we'll try to throw you some free months worth of Hosting at HostGator.
  • DomainSponsor Review, Domain Parking and Tasting

    Monday, June 22, 2009 by
    It seems like no matter what business industry you're looking at, there's always room for shady activities. Web hosting and the domain industry are no exceptions. However, most people are totally unaware of one such practice known as domain tasting. Domain Tasting is essentially when a someone buys a domain name for the sole purpose of seeing whether or not it can generate ad income. The domain registrant puts ads on the domain, and if the ads don't make any money, the registrant has five days to request a refund. There have been many big companies involved with Domain Tasting, and since they can pull off the above example on a much larger scale, they have been able to reap insane amounts of profits. This had affected us and our clients because millions of domains were getting tied up by 'tasters' and would appear unavailable when someone actually went to register their domain name. To help curb this problem, since April of this year, ICANN has made their $.20 domain transaction fee non-refundable. So if a company wants to sample 50,000 domain names, for instance, then they'll have to shell out $10,000 in registration fees even if they get a refund for the domains within the five day grace period. This change hasn't eliminated the problem altogether, but it's certainly helped. Obviously domain tasting wouldn't have gotten as out of control as it did, had it not been for the huge profits that people were reaping in. At HostGator, we don't have that many domain registrations, since we specialize in web hosting. However, it's still evident that there are major profits to be earned with a decent domain portfolio. One such way to monetize domain names, that we've explored recently, is via domain parking. When you first buy a domain, the domain will be using the default name servers of the registrar generally. The default page you see, usually with ads all over it, is a good example of a parked page. What most people don't realize though, is that even if they aren't going to develop the domain right away, they can still make money from the domain while it waits to be developed. The company we've been using for domain parking is DomainSponsor. Basically we use their name servers on inactive domain names in our account, and all traffic gets pointed to a domain parking page where relevant ads are displayed, giving us a percentage of the revenue made from the ads. So just how much money can you make with Domain Parking? We were pleasantly surprised with the results.

    Domain Sponsor Affiliate Check

    The above check was for the month of May. We've been using Domain Sponsor for the last 3 months, and are consistently getting over $25,000/monthly with the domains that we have. Now these results may be unique since we do have roughly 12,000 domain names in our DomainSponsor portfolio, but many domainers have much more domains than this and can stand to make much more money.
  • Google AdWords Coupon Promotion Code

    Monday, March 16, 2009 by
    12/27/2010 Update: The Google AdWords Coupon code for HostGator Shared clients is now $100! 10/12/2009 Update: The Google AdWords Coupon code for HostGator Shared clients is now $50 (used to be $25)! Reseller coupons coming soon. Google AdWord Logo Ever run a Google search and notice the “sponsored listings” around the search results? Ever click one of those sponsored links? It's likely that you have already visited a link that was advertised through the Google AdWords program and now HostGator is giving its shared web hosting customers the opportunity get started with Google AdWords by giving them $25 $50 $100 in free marketing credits*. HostGator has partnered up with the Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program and is now offering an AdWords Coupon voucher good for $25 $50 $100 in credit with all Hatchling, Baby, and Business shared web hosting plans. What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising program by Google. With AdWords, advertisers can promote their website's products and services on's search results in the "sponsored links" section. Quality ad text and relevant keyword buys will give you an edge over your competitors. And with AdWords, you can set your own budget and change your campaigns at any time - there are no commitments or spending requirements of any kind. We at HostGator currently use Google AdWords for our own internal marketing efforts, and we truly believe that most businesses can benefit from the highly targeted traffic that this program can yield. Great, how do I sign up?