The lack of Newsletters for the past several months has been palpable; we do apologize.  Ideally, this circumstance will not occur again.  It is true that things have been very busy in the Gator’hood, but maintaining  a proper level of direct contact with you fine folks is a priority to us and we genuinely care about presenting information directly to you and interacting with you via this medium.

Historically speaking, our monthly Newsletters have occasionally displayed a tendency to place the proverbial cart before the horse, by announcing some things a tad bit pre-maturely, *cough*LaunchPad*cough*!  The fact is that we love what we do and we get excited about new technologies or services and we naturally want to share them with you.  Being more conscious of the potentiality for unexpected delays to occur, from this point forward we intend to not bait you with any “Coming Soon!” things.  Rather, we’re going to utilize this time to inform you about what is already available to you and try our best to keep you up on any new happenings around the Company each month.


GatorDesk Mobile: A New Way to Get Support!

GatorDesk Mobile is now live, in beta!  You can fully manage your HostGator support tickets (read, update, create and even add attachments!), completely via your mobile device, at  This is the first of a series of mobile solutions to better assist you with your HostGator account.  Should you encounter any issues at all while using this new tool, please email us at so that we can take immediate action to resolve any issues you may experience.


Sale on Windows Dedicated Servers!

We are very pleased to now be offering $100 off your first month with a new Windows Dedicated Server.  Every Windows Dedicated Server includes Microsoft WebMatrix, an excellent tool for creating, customizing and publishing websites!  Visit to get started today!


BaseKit: Have You Used it Yet?

We are pretty excited about BaseKit!  Many of us have been testing it out around the office, and many Customers have created some impressive sites already as well.  BaseKit’s primarily drag-n-drop functionality is super easy to use and includes many powerful widgets and app integration: Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube and many more!  Also, enjoy the variety of professional templates, customizable designs and full HTML/CSS control for you more savvy web designers, or those desiring to learn more about design!

BaseKit is presently available on all Hatchling, Baby, Business & Reseller accounts.


Some Numbers:

Back in December, we announced that on November 29th, 2011 at 9:21:23 CST, we hit our 5,000,000th LiveChat.  That was a milestone of which we were fairly proud.  Here are some of our Support statistics for the month of March, 2012:

139,012 Chats

68,362 Calls

265,572 Tickets


We will return next month with a new Newsletter, we promise!  Until then, remember: We are always hiring!  For more information, please visit

9 thoughts on “April 2012 Newsletter

  1. I like the information about hostGator.. I like you company too much.. Keep It up … HosTgatOr Rocks..!

  2. BaseKit is presently a Shared feature only, with no foreseeable plans to offer it on VPS/Dedis. This is due to many reasons, including licensing and security concerns. Perhaps some day, but it’s honestly not something we’re even looking at doing at this time.

    1. Yes, LaunchPad is our functioning registrar service and you can presently request that any domain you register be done via LaunchPad and added to your billing account. Please join LiveChat with any further questions on this and we’ll be happy to assist you.

  3. Both are good suggestions, thank you. I’ll look into both of them. For the latter, we are presently split between two buildings in Houston; the newer is still being built out as I type this, though a couple of the floors are inhabitable and house a couple of Departments. I will look into getting a new tour of the offices put together so you fine folks can see where the Gators roam these days.

  4. I have used Basekit and hated it completely, it loves to ruin other parts of website with the rewrite access rule in the .htacess file. Basekit is better off in the dumpster. Save headaches and go with something else.

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