Did you know an alligator’s skin makes it look like a floating log, providing a disguise when it’s hunting prey? Fortunately for us, we’re so used to hanging out with Snappy at the HostGator office, that we’re able to catch even the sneakiest gators when they’re out on the town.

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–September 20th, 2016 UPDATE

Caiman alligator sports butterfly Snapchat filter in real life

AMAZON RAINFOREST: Photographer Mark Cowan received a special commendation from the Royal Society’s 2016 Publishing Photography Competition for this amazing photograph. The moment captures a phenomenon known as lachryphagy, where butterflies gather on the heads of alligators to lick up the salt from their tears (sodium is rare in the Amazon).

Butterflies and caiman by Mark Cowan

Not to be outdone, Snappy recreated his own version.

Butterfly Alligator

Source: The Royal Society


–September 15th, 2016 UPDATE

Claude the albino alligator celebrates 21st birthday in style

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: The California Academy of Sciences’s resident albino alligator, Claude, is so popular that he’s become a mascot of the city of San Francisco. Claude’s 21st birthday party was quite the celebration, featuring performances from a local ballet company, a specialty Gator-Ade cocktail, and delicious cupcakes.

Claude the Albino Alligator

Snappy couldn’t make the party in person, but sent his regards from Texas. Being blue himself, Snappy has always strongly believed that alligators are beautiful, no matter what color they are. Happy Birthday, Claude!

Birthday AlligatorPink Alligator
Source: California Academy of Sciences


–August 12th, 2016 UPDATE

Texas homeowner finds alligator hiding in his garage

FULSHEAR, TX: Not too far from HostGator’s Houston headquarters, a man was surprised to find an alligator hiding in his garage between a lawnmower and the wall.

Snappy figures he was probably just trying to catch a break from the infamous Texas summer heat. Or maybe he was just looking for his toolkit.

Repairman Snappy HostGator

Source: KTRK-TV Houston


–June 6th, 2016 UPDATE

Alligator spotted using crosswalk, stops traffic

PALM COAST, FL: It’s common knowledge that gators are model citizens, and that they’re famous for following the letter of the law. Just like this gator in Palm Coast, Snappy also uses crosswalks whenever he needs to cross the road.
Alligator in Crosswalk

Beatles Abbey Road

Source: Palm Coast Observer


—June 3rd, 2016, Palmetto, FL

Giant 15-foot gator stalks Florida golf course

The Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Manatee County doubles as a nature preserve for local wildlife. It’s mating season right now for the alligators, so it’s not uncommon for the regulars to see one on the green. No one stands out quite like this giant, though, captured in a brave golfer’s video below. The typical male alligator grows to about 11 feet; this guy earns his giant title, tapping out at 15 feet. Whether he was looking for a friend, a meal, or a stroll in the sunshine, we’ll never know.

Meanwhile, in central Texas, Snappy practices his putting stroke:

Alligator Golf Course

Source: Bradenton Herald