We had another blog post that we were planning on posting today, however late last night there was something in the air here at the HostGator Houston office.  There was an undeniable rhythm permeating throughout the building.  Deciding that we should seize the moment, we did the only reasonable thing that we could possibly do: we made a Harlem Shake video.

It’s worth noting that this was created very much in a “flash mob” style; there was no premeditation and no one in the video knew that they were going to be in any video when they arrived at work last night.  All props were gathered from throughout the building and from employees’ cars out in the parking lot.

We sent out a broadcast via out internal IM system, stating a time and place and requesting the presence of anyone within the building who was available to participate.  And this is what happened:

3 thoughts on “A HostGator Harlem Shake

  1. I just completed a really terrible day. This video made me laugh so hard, my stomach cramped up and caused me to contort in on my self like a rolly polly bug. I’m so happy now! Thanks for the post

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