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Well, it’s been quite a month here at HostGator. We had what we thought at first was a very cruel late April fools joke played on us.  HostGator purchased a 102,000 Sqft building in Austin, TX as we have simply ran out of space here in our 4 story Houston headquarters. There are cubes on top of cubes it seems here and we are now finishing up construction on our 3rd, yes 3rd additional parking lot!  We were set to close on the new Austin building April 20th, at that time we sent our money to the mortgage company and waited on our bank to send the remaining amount (4 Million USD). The mortgage company received OUR money, however our bank seemed to have sent 4 Million to an unknown source… April fools!?!?  I’m proud to say we’ve since figured out “the case of the missing 4 million” and our office building in Austin is now secured. Blog post about the entire issue is in works, so stay tuned.

We need new gators!

As mentioned above, we’re growing so fast that we cannot hire enough people. You would think it would be simple, with so many people out there that use the Internet and build websites, to find qualified employees. We need our customers help!  Currently we are hiring Phone/Chat front line agents and Linux Administrators.  Check out our Jobs page and apply as we need to fill a new office and continue the growth at our Houston headquarters.  Please, we beg of you, come make some money with HostGator! .  Unfortunately we are only taking applications from those who currently have the legal right to work in the United States.

We also have a referral program, so if you know someone, send them our way.  Check out the payouts per referral:

Referral Payout:
Linux Administrator: $2,500
Windows Administrator: $2,500
Chat/Phone Reps $500

For more details see:
Our employee referral portal

New Swamp in Austin, TX

So lets talk a little about Austin since I’ve brought it up. Our Houston headquarters is 25,000 SQFT, which is mostly now all cubes for our sales/support team.  If you have ever been to Houston you know that most of the roads always have on-going construction.  This is true with our Houston headquarters as well. Since I’ve been here (2007) we have been knocking walls down, moving offices and running cables to make room for more employees.

The time has come where we must expand, and what better place then the heart of Texas.. Austin!  Only a few of our employees and members of management will be leaving Houston, including myself. It’s sad to leave what we’ve helped build here but we must take what we’ve learned in setting this office up and continue it in Austin.  The Houston headquarters will always be here, this is simply an extension of our support department.  There will be a nice office tour blog post as soon as we get all the dust settles in Austin.

Social Networking Frenzy!

As most of you who follow us on Twitter or Facebook already know, we have made some changes in the way we use our Social Networking sites.  It used to be all about business; can you help me with this ticket, thanks for the great support, you guys cost me 1 billion dollars while processing orders on the fly via my blackberry etc, etc.  While we still use our social networking sites for these type of issues, we want to show you a more personal side of HostGator and invite you to follow us. and . Also, this is a great place to get in on some of our contests.  We have laptop stickers, Koozies, shirts and all kinds of other random HostGator swag for you to win.  There will be a lot more pictures and personal updates on these sites then there were previously.

Watch for Gators Crossing.

Our Sales manager Chris Zak has been with HostGator for over 5 years.  Chris was one of the original employees in Boca Raton, FL and moved to our Houston headquarters about a year ago.  Chris is participating in Tour du Rouge a 526 mile bike ride from Houston, Tx to New Orleans, La. is a proud sponsor of the Tour du Rouge ride which supports the American Red Cross Chapters along the Gulf Coast.   We are very proud of him for participating in this event.  Please see their website for more information.

—  Josh Loe &The Team at HostGator


Monthly Tip:
Optimize your WordPress blog with WordPress Super Cache.
This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog.  We highly recommend this plugin for any customer using WordPress.

Site of the Month:
The F/V Northwestern as seen on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. The New Season of Deadliest Catch is currently underway and on Discovery Channel on Tuesday Nights 9pm E/P.  The Northwestern  is proudly powered by HostGator.

Rate Your Tickets and Save

If you have ever submitted a ticket to HostGator’s ticket system, then you have almost certainly seen the line on the bottom of each email that asks you to rate the response you received. To encourage more ratings, we’re going to be entering everyone who rates a ticket into a drawing for a $25 $50 service credit. Rating a ticket takes less than a minute and can save you some money on your next hosting bill. Details can be found here.

3 for 1 VOIPo Special

For a limited time, VOIPo is offering HostGator customers a package of 3 services for the price of 1.   Just order a VOIPo phone service package (unlimited calling to US/Canada starting at $8.25 per month) and get these services free:

1.) FREE Toll-Free Number (Just Pay for Minutes Used)
2.) FREE Fax Account

This is a great way to save some money and have all your communications needs covered.  Statistics show that having toll-free and fax numbers can drastically increase your sales.

Since both of the free services offered normally sell for $4.95 per month each, this is a VERY limited promotion and will end soon.  To take advantage of this, you must use coupon code GATORPACK when ordering VOIPo phone service.  Click here for complete details.

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