I’m sure you might be expecting a USB drive made of Gold with inlay diamonds sparkling away, but all that glitters isn’t gold, and as a matter of fact, you won’t find anything at all that is absolutely stunning. We merely want to show you what you could expect if you were to lay down about 500 big ones for Google advertising. We received the annual gift from Google and just wanted to show you what its all about.

The presentation was nice and Google does a good job of customizing their gifts while incorporating a touch of advertising. The video below shows us opening the gift, and you can see by our excitement that when you get something from Google, it’s special. This is the video of what we like to call the $500,000 Google USB Drive.

You choose where it goes

So if you watched the video you will notice we received a card for DonorsChoose.org, and it appears we have $100 dollars in credit to donate to a cause related to schooling. We went through the list of causes to donate to and had a hard time choosing something. We want to leave it open to you, the people that read this blog, to give us some feedback with your comments and tell us what cause you think would be the best.

18 thoughts on “500,000 Dollar Google USB Drive

  1. Seems the donorschoose.org website is having problems because I can’t bring up the list of who you can donate to.

    My first thought was doing something for the homeless again.

  2. Oops.. didn’t see that it had to be something related to schooling.

    Then I’d say find a program on there that’s local (Houston). That way you’re giving back to your community. But seeing how $100 is not a lot, for good PR if I were HG I’d match the $100 as well.

  3. @ Chimpie, I like your idea on finding a local cause to donate to. I think we can wing that and at least double the donation of this gift card.

  4. I think since Hostgator.com is an IT company, donating to a program that needs computers for their school program would be a great idea.

    If you do a keyword search for “computer” there are many programs that come up that need computers for their students to use.

  5. Just match it, c’mon Chad! You can do better than that. ;) 100x the amount for a local soup kitchen.

  6. David, Chad did say we can double that donation above in reply to Chimpie. I will be posting soon on the cause we have chosen to donate to based on your replies.

  7. Who said the USB drive is 500.000$ worth.
    You just want to point out such much that you spended 500.000$ in Google. Get the facts. That a penny for Google. Hostgator is small fish compared to Google. Google sended that USB drive even to 5.000$ advertisers they dont make clients more important based on what they spend. Thats what i dont like about the CEO of Hostgator, he is like a little boy that has to show everyone how much money they have or spend. The blogs are all about that. You dont need to publish all the time things related to money and how big Hostgator is. People will not buy a service based on this, but on personal attention. What do you think makes people think when you make jokes of 500.000$ and then you offer a 7$ hosting account. That means your customers are poor and you are rich? Hostgator was the greatest company until they decided to Oversell and just care about cash flows and go big not anymore about customers. And the superb reputation that Hostgator had is going down the pike

  8. Cris, would you rather that they didn’t spend the $500,000, or just didn’t tell you where your money’s going? I’m not currently getting service from HostGator (yet), but they’re looking better now that I know a little more about where my money will go. The subtle humor adds to the fun too.

    Also don’t rant in a blog, it’s not appropriate.

  9. A little bit more information on how to spend the gift card would be more helpfull.Can it be spent on myself or must it be usrd for an educational instatution. If so how does one indicate which one? Reply….

  10. Best you should change the post subject title 500,000 Dollar Google USB Drive | HostGator Web Hosting Blog | Gator Crossing to more specific for your blog post you make. I loved the post nevertheless.

  11. Ouch, thats a real punch in the face. Half a million and you get that… Google must have had a real laugh when they sat around their board table and came up with that one..

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