Blogs have in more recent times gained a ridiculous popularity. A lot of people previously thought that blogging was just for kids or for people that wanted to just talk about the goings on in their lives, but not so anymore. Businesses as well as people creating niche websites are using blogs more than ever. WordPress being the popular choice. So why should you use a blog if you have a E-Commerce website or just a simple site promoting your business? The following list covers these points.

  1. Announce new products or Services to your customers.
  2. One of the best things about a blog is the announcing of new products which will be available for purchase, or bring attention to new services that you will be providing. This can be good especially if you do not plan to update your website as frequently, and want to make a simple blog post about it to inform current and potential customers.

  3. Mention upcoming sales or special events.
  4. What better way than to announce on your blog that you will be having an upcoming sale. If the content of your blog is good quality articles, then adding in a special sale that your E-Commerce site will be having in the near future can be a nice touch. This can lead to people coming back to your website more often to check on deals you may be offering. The more you get someone to come back to a site, the the greater potential for a sale increases.

  5. Get on a more personal level.
  6. Your blog gives you a great opportunity to build relationships with customers on a more personal level. It helps to give you more credibility and shows customers what you are about. This is especially important when it comes to repeat customers, and those who really do want to know who you are.

  7. Help guide public image.
  8. The fact that people have an image defined of who you are from looking at your website, or from what others say is Big. A blog will allow you to not only clear up possible misconceptions, but guide persons view of what your company is all about. This helps you in the branding of your business and making a name for it.

  9. Create more quality content to drive traffic where you want.
  10. This is a key factor with a blog and is good because it allows you to put more emphasis on different areas of your website. Internal linking to specific pages of your website will help with Search engine placement as well as targeting areas of your website you want more traffic to get too. The more articles you write, the more content you have which is relevant in search engines. This means more organic traffic for you, which in turn leads to sales.

As you can see, a business blog can be very essential and add to the overall value of your website. A blog is very easy to set up as well. As I mentioned previously, WordPress is the tool by choice for most bloggers today, as it has more functionality and ease of use. If you have a HostGator Account it is very quick to set this up in the Fantastico option of Cpanel. With this function you can be up and running your WordPress blog in no time, so make good use of it.

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog?

  1. Id does bring more people to our website!

    First month, we had 160 visitors to the blog only, next month it jumped to 1255, then 2300, 3204 and is growing more and more every month.

  2. Yes having a blog makes a huge difference. My blog is actually ranked higher in Google than my top level domain.

  3. Mike R – That is a very clean looking blog. I like it!

    Chimpie – We hope to have you join soon with us. Thanks for reading.

    The ID Man – Those are some great numbers. If only more people knew that this is the way to benefit their business.

    Jon B – Agreed! It will definitely get better rankings at times. “Search engine bots love to read blogs” as I like to say.

  4. I’m monitoring this blog with Google Reader (via RSS) for the day you announce Windows Hosting :)
    I’m a Pro Blogger in my country :)

  5. great post, truly said for setting up business you must have a blog, very very informative. bookmarked it.

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