expand your brand reachHaving trouble standing out in your industry?  Tired of fighting against bigger brands when it comes to market share?  It’s time to expand your brand’s authority!

Any of the following techniques can help you to gain an edge – no matter how crowded or established your field may be:


Idea #1 – Release a whitepaper

Whitepapers are research-based document that educate audiences on specific subjects.  Create a good one with your brand’s name on it and you can be sure it’ll be sent far and wide on industry social channels.


Idea #2 – Write an ebook

Either write your own ebook or hire a ghostwriter to develop something you can put your name on.  Give it away for free and watch your brand’s authority soar.


Idea #3 – Develop an infographic

Infographics are highly shareable.  By creating your own (whether by hiring a marketing agency to do so or by using infographic creation tools), you’ll get your name out within your industry.


Idea #4 – Launch an email crash course

Educational email courses are a great way to build brand authority as they’re free and highly attractive to potential customers.  As an added bonus, they’re easy to develop using traditional email management services or technique-specific programs like Drip.


Idea #5 – Start an educational YouTube channel

People love video, but truly great internet videos are few and far between.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to create a good video, but releasing a channel that’s packed full of informative, engaging videos is a great way to attract brand attention.


Idea #6 – Release a podcast

Though simple, podcasts can be incredibly popular – especially amongst listeners with long commutes.  Create your own business-branded podcast and you’ll have direct access to prospective customers’ minds for as much as an hour at a time.


Idea #7 – Sponsor a social media contest

Everybody loves free things, which is why social media contests tend to attract so much attention.  Spend a few hundred dollars on a great giveaway item and tie contest entries to some type of social participation.  Within a few weeks, you’ll have more brand interest than ever before.


Idea #8 – Interview an industry expert

The great thing about interviewing industry experts is that they come with their own built-in audiences.  Use Skype to record a video interview with your chosen expert and then post the resulting clip to your website.  Your profile will increase by association and you’ll experience a flood of inbound traffic from the expert’s promotions.


Idea #9 – Connect with journalists

Journalists are always looking for great sources for their next projects – you can be that source!  Join a service like Help a Reporter Out and you’ll be entered into a database from which journalists pull expert sources.  Just one interview in a major news publication can do a world of good for your brand.


Idea #10 – Get a book deal

 If you fancy yourself a talented writer and have a good story to tell, a high profile book deal can be a great way to boost brand recognition.  Obviously, this isn’t the easiest path to walk, but if you’re successful, the brand-building results can be huge.


Idea #11 – Speak at industry events

Want to put yourself in front of a room full of your peers and be granted automatic expert status?  Sign up to speak at industry events.  Not only will you expand your brand’s authority, you might even be paid for the privilege!


Idea #12 – Sponsor industry events

Not the speaking type?  You can still use industry events to boost your brand’s recognition by sponsoring panels, sessions, gift bags and more.  To do so, pick an event that’s highly attended within your industry and get in touch with the event’s organizer for more information on sponsorship opportunities.


Idea #13 – Create your own industry event

Of course, if you’ve got the time and money to do so, you can always create your own branded industry event.  It’s a major undertaking, but it’s guaranteed to boost your company’s profile.


Idea #14 – Volunteer at industry events

One last way to leverage the power of industry events is to volunteer.  It isn’t glamorous work, but it will put you in touch with a number of influential people.  Once the event is over, they’re sure to remember your good works.


Idea #15 – Add a charitable initiative

TOMS has it “buy one, give away one” shoe sales project.  Warby Parker donates one pair of glasses for every set sold.  Getting involved in a charitable initiative isn’t just great for brand-building – it’s great for the world at large.


What other techniques have you used to build your brand?  If you have other recommendations, share them in the comments section below!

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