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Why Do I Have to Cancel? Why Am I Still Being Invoiced?


If you are still receiving invoices from us for a service you thought was canceled, then for some reason we have not received your cancellation request; or if we did receive your cancellation request, you did not complete the verification process.

The following are common questions and misconceptions on how to cancel. Unfortunately, HostGator will only accept cancellation requests in writing via the cancellation form.

Why Do I Have to Cancel?

To help protect your account from accidental or unauthorized deletion, we have specific procedures for canceling services with HostGator.

To better understand why our policy is the way it is, please see the sections below on:

Why Can't I Cancel Over the Phone?

Because canceling your account also results in the deletion of your data, we require the cancellation request to be "in writing." This protects you from someone impersonating you on the phone, like an ex-employee, ex-web designer, etc. and provides you proper notice that a cancellation request has been received on your account before we cancel it (since we try to contact you to confirm).

What Does "In Writing" Mean?

In the digital era, we mean submitting your request via the online cancellation form for cancelling web hosting and contacting live support or filling out a cancellation form for all other cancellation requests, like domain name renewals. Paper forms are not required for canceling.

How Do I Cancel?

Please see our article on How to Cancel for instructions on how to officially cancel your account.

Canceling Your Web Hosting

There are a few reasons why HostGator requires written consent when you cancel your account:

  • We require that customers fill out the online cancellation form to let us know they want to cancel and that they authorize us to delete their data, website and files.
  • For security reasons, we verify with the account holder that they indeed want to cancel the hosting account and authorize their data, website and files be deleted.
How to Stop Invoices & Cancel the Hosting Plan

Filling out the cancellation form will stop the invoices, authorize us to delete your data, and cancel the hosting account.

Please note that your account is NOT canceled until we verify your identity and confirm you really want to cancel. This helps us verify the request is coming from you, the account owner, and not someone else.

Please see the following article link on how to cancel your web hosting account:

Canceling Domain Names

Domain names are assumed by HostGator to be automatically renewed each year unless notified otherwise. As per our Terms of Service, the following applies to a domain name purchased with HostGator:

  • We automatically invoice domains for renewal unless you specifically tell us you do not want to renew your domains.
  • If you have a card on file, we will automatically attempt to charge your card to renew the domain until you tell us not to.
  • We also do not automatically cancel your domain name when you cancel hosting.
  • To prevent us from automatically trying to attempt renewal by charging your credit card on file, you should tell us you do not want to renew the domain.
Why Does HostGator Do This?

Once a domain expires, it can be hard or even impossible to get back. So our policies and procedures related to domains are geared towards protecting your domain name. This is why we will automatically invoice and try to renew your domain name unless you specifically tell us not to.

Also, if you canceled your web hosting, we do not assume you want to also cancel the domain, because many customers either want to hold onto the domain until later, or are hosting the website somewhere else but still want to keep the domain registration with HostGator.

Finding a good domain name can be difficult, and we would hate to assume a customer did not want their domain renewed when they actually did.

Requiring a ticket to be created to cancel also ensures that we have the cancellation request "in writing" so there is a record of authorization to cancel the domain renewal.

How to Stop Invoices & Cancel the Domain

You will need to contact our Billing department via phone or Live Chat to make your request. For security reasons, we will ask you to verify your identity before we will complete your request.

Please see refer to the following article for information on what the cancellation process requires:

Domain Renewals Canceled Due to Non-Payment

Unlike hosting, domains names will fail to renew if you do not pay your invoice within 29 days of the expiration date. We do, however, try to renew your domain name using the card on file, if there is one, unless you tell us not to renew it. Renewal of the domain is contingent on whether the payment was successful.