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How to Create a Backup of Installation with Softaculous

It is a known fact that backups are essential in a website. If you used Softaculous to install a script, WordPress, for example, you could also use Softaculous to create a backup of your website. This article discusses how to generate a backup and download a copy of the backup of your install using Softaculous.

It is important to note that the size of your backups will occupy a space in your server, so you may also want to be aware of your disk space usage.

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How to Create Backups

To create a backup via Softaculous:

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Look for the Software section, then click on Softaculous Apps Installer.

    HostGator cPanel Softaculous App Installer

  3. Click the Installation box. We will use WordPress as an example.

    HostGator cPanel Softaculous Installations Box

    Alternatively, you can click the All Installations icon in the top-right menu.

    All Installations icon

  4. On the next page, a list of your current installation will be displayed.

    HostGator cPanel Softaculous Script Installation

  5. Locate the website you wish to backup.
  6. Click the Backup icon under the Options column.

    HostGator cPanel Softaculous Backup Icon

  7. You will be redirected to the Backup information page. It will display the number of backups you currently have and the maximum number of backups you can generate. The Backup Directory and Backup Database are also already selected by default.

    HostGator cPanel Softaculous Backup Details

  8. Click the Backup Installation button.
  9. A progress bar will appear.

    HostGator cPanel Softaculous Backup Progress Bar

  10. Once done, click the Return to Overview link to go back to your current installations.

    HostGator cPanel Softaculous Backup Return to Overview

Your backup is generated in a .tar gz file and can be found in the Backups and Restore section within Softaculous and softaculous_backups directory in the File Manager.

How to Download a Copy of the Backup

There are two ways to download a backup created via Softaculous.

Download Backup via Backups and Restore 

  1. On the Softaculous homepage, click the Backups and Restore icon in the top-right menu. 
    Softaculous Backups and Restore

  2. Locate the website from the list. The backup filename will be displayed under the File Name column.

  3. Click the backup filename or the download icon to download the backup.
    Backup files in Softaculous

  4. The backup will be downloaded to your local computer.

Download Backup via File Manager

To download a copy of the backup via File Manager:

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. In the Files section, click File Manager.
    cPanel File Manager

  3. Inside File Manager, locate the softaculous_backups directory from the list of files and folder.
     Softaculous backup files

  4. You will find the backup in a .tar gz file. The filename usually includes the date when the backup was generated. 

  5. Select the backup and click the Download icon located in the top menu.
    Download icon in cPanel

  6. The backup will be downloaded to your local computer.

The backup can also be downloaded via FTP. Assist the customer with their FTP connection and inform them where to find the backup within File Manager. Here are the articles you can use as references:


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