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Guide to Troubleshooting SSL

Want to make your site secured? The first thing is to check to make sure you have an SSL applied to your domain. Once you confirm you have an SSL active for your domain, you'll then need to tell your site to use the SSL. Follow the steps below for these steps:

Step 1: Check for an Active SSL on Domain

  1. Login to Customer Portal.
  2. Click on Marketplace.
  3. Secure | https or SSL Management
  4. Click Learn More or Manage on the SSL Card. (The button will update pending if you already have an SSL activated on your account.)
  5. From the SSL Certificates page, you can activate Let's Encrypt SSL or upgrade to a paid SSL Certificate Plan.

Access the links below for complete guide in ordering an  SSL:

Step 2: How to Force Site to use SSL

Now that you have purchased or activated your SSL, you will need to force your website to use HTTPS. There are various ways to configure your depending upon your website builder. The following articles provide more information as to how best to force your site to use HTTPS.

  • Force HTTPS Manually Using File Manager
    • The video below will walk you through a complete step-by-step guide in forcing https with the File Manager.
    • For additional information, and the code you can use for forcing https, read the article below:
      How Do I Use My SSL Certificate?

  • Force HTTPS on a WordPress Website
    • This video will show you the process on How to Force HTTPS - Using "Really Simple SSL" WordPress Plugin.

Site Still Not Secured

To check the status of your SSL certificate, SSL type, expiry date, and certificate hostname and confirm which server your SSL was installed, go to these links:

If you have followed the guide above, and your site is still not secured, please contact us via phone or Live Chat for more advanced troubleshooting.