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EV SSL Certificate


What is an EV SSL?

The SSL is a technology that provides security and establishes encrypted links between computer networks. One type of SSL is the Extended Validated (EV) SSL Certificate, which provides powerful encryption and higher assurance of legitimacy to your websites.

Before an EV SSL Certificate is issued, we must perform a rigorous validation to ensure that the EV SSL is only associated with the most trusted organizations, and this process may take time.

HostGator is pleased to offer Sectigo's EV SSL with a 2048-bit signature and up to 256-bit encryption to protect your site and your customers' trust. Installation is free, and Sectigo backs the EV SSL with a limited warranty totaling $1,750,000!

Registration1 Year
Warranty$1,750,000 limited warranty

Note: 1 hostname is associated with an EV SSL Certificate.

Features of an EV SSL

  • You can associate one (1) hostname with your Extended Validation SSL Certificate. A hostname can be a domain name (for example, yoursitesdomain.com) or a subdomain (for example, secure.yoursitesdomain.com).
  • Best of all, when people visit your site in secure mode (HTTPS), modern browsers will show a green address bar indicating the highest security level for an SSL Certificate.

How to Purchase an EV SSL

Ordering a Sectigo EV SSL Certificate from HostGator can take an extended time, sometimes months, due to the SSL issuer's verification. There is no guarantee of when the certificate will be issued.

To help minimize the length of time that it takes for the process, we have outlined the required steps of the order below:

Step 1: Check the domain's WHOIS contact information

The WHOIS information listed on the domain requesting the SSL certificate is essential. The data contained here will be what is listed on the certificate.

If your WHOIS does not currently display the information that you would like to have listed on the certificate, you will need to update the WHOIS contact information at your domain’s current registrar.

For domains that have WHOIS Privacy enabled, this can be disabled, or you may provide us with a screenshot of the domain control panel with your contact information.

Please also be aware that the SSL will only list your registered company name. If you want the DBA listed, it must be registered as part of the legal company name.

Due to the new SSL validation methods put into place by our SSL provider, Sectigo, we are required to send an email to one of the following addresses to verify your ownership of the domain:

  • admin@example.com
  • administrator@example.com
  • hostmaster@example.com
  • postmaster@example.com
  • webmaster@example.com

Step 2: List your company on any of the following public-facing directories

Sectigo will make a call to a number listed in a publicly facing directory. The following are the preferred directory listings to use:

Step 3: Contact HostGator to start the order process

After you have checked the domain's WHOIS information and have added your company to one of the public directories, you will want to contact HostGator via phone or Live Chat to initiate the EV SSL certificate ordering process.

During the contact, a ticket will be sent to you to track the order and obtain the required information, located in the following steps, that Sectigo will need to issue the EV SSL certificate.

Step 4: Provide information regarding the company

When replying to your HostGator EV SSL order ticket, please include as much as possible from the following list.

  • DBA (Does Business As):
  • Company Registration Number (UK):
  • DUNS Number:
  • Date of Incorporation (YYYY-MM-DD):
  • Jurisdiction of Incorporation:
  • City / Town:
  • State / Province / County:
  • Country:

Applicant Representative Details (required for callback)

  • Title:
  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Email Address:
  • Telephone Number:
  • Fax Number:
  • Directory Link:
  • Days and Times You Are Available to be Reached at the Number in the Directory Listing:

Step 5: Complete the following forms

Depending on how many individuals will be involved in the order process, we ask that you fill out one of the two forms listed below from Sectigo and the Certificate Subscriber Agreement:

  • If one person is to act as Certificate Requester, Certificate Approver, and Contract (Subscriber Agreement) Signer, please use the form listed below:
  • If more than one individual is acting in the roles of Certificate Requester, Certificate Approver, and Contract (Subscriber Agreement) Signer, please use the form listed below:
In addition to the form listed above, the following form will need to be filled out and returned:
Please note that the information listed on a WHOIS report on your domain must match the information listed in the documentation provided.

After filling out the appropriate forms, please add them as an attachment to your EV SSL order ticket.

Why choose an EV SSL?

An Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate offers the same secure connection and strong encryption as other SSLs.

However, EV certificates are designed to provide a higher standard of assurance for visitors by positively authenticating the business behind the domain. Using an EV SSL provides users with valid information to confirm that your website is legitimate. They would most likely have this impression that they can give you their full trust and confidence and do business with you. The ultimate goal is to give your website's online presence a strong sense of security.

In 2019, many browsers went away from using the green bar to visually inform users that the site was secure with an EV SSL. Although the visual cue is no longer there, users can find more information regarding the SSL to ensure they are viewing an authentic site.

Need further assistance? Please contact HostGator's Support via phone or Live Chat so we can assist!