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Enable SiteLock TrueShield and TrueSpeed

TrueShield and TrueSpeed are available on all SiteLock plans. These solutions simultaneously protect your website from malicious traffic and deliver your content to legitimate visitors faster via a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that uses servers around the world.

Double your protection against accidental website breakage, hacked or attacked by a virus with CodeGuard. CodeGuard creates a copy of your site that allows you to go back in time and pretend this whole disaster never happened.

If you have purchased SiteLock, we highly recommend ensuring that TrueShield and TrueSpeed are correctly configured. Please click the links for more information.

We also created a video tutorial for you to get you familiarized with the features of SiteLock.

How to Configure TrueShield

Step 1: Launch Your SiteLock Dashboard

  • If you purchased the SiteLock service from SiteLock directly, please go to http://sitelock.com/ and click Login located in the top right-hand corner. Use the email address you signed up with as the username. You may need to request a password reset if you're unable to sign in.
  • If you purchased SiteLock from HostGator, please launch the SiteLock Dashboard via your HostGator Customer Portal. 

To launch your SiteLock Dashboard:

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal.
  2. Click the Hosting tab.

    HostGator Billing Portal Side Panel

  3. Locate the hosting package where SiteLock was purchased, then click its Manage link

    HostGator Billing Portal   Hosting Packages

  4. Click the Manage button on the SiteLock tile.

    Billing Portal   Sitelock Security Tile

  5. Locate the domain where you wish to manage your SiteLock setup. Click the shield icon underneath its Settings.

    Billing Portal   Sitelock Security Settings

Step 2: Activate TrueShield and Get Your New DNS Records

  1. Once logged into your SiteLock Dashboard, a pop-up window will appear. Click TrueShield's Configure button.

    TrueShield Configure popup

    However, if there is no pop-up window, locate TrueShield under Domain Statistics.

    TrueShield box

    Click Configure.

  2. On the TrueShield Wizard page, you will see the STEP 1 - Manage SSL page. This is where your SSL will be validated. Copy the text in the TXT Value field.

    Step 1

    Please make sure to log in to your cPanel so you can add the TXT Value provided by SiteLock. Once you have added the TXT record in cPanel, this will initiate the SSL validation and may take up to 24 hours. You do not need to move on to any other sections of Step 1, as it will be done automatically.

    To learn how to add your TXT records in your cPanel, you may want to visit the article, How To Update DNS Records.

    If this step has not been completed within 24 hours, please contact HostGator via phone or chat to address the issue.
  3. Once the SSL is validated, you may proceed to STEP 2 - Manage Routing. This is where you need to update your zone records to route the site's traffic through SiteLock's CDN. Please follow the steps listed. You may want to visit this article to learn how to manage your CNAME and A records (How To Update DNS Records).

    Step 2

    Before placing the SiteLock records in your cPanel's Zone Editor, you will want to make sure that any CNAME records that you have pointing to your domain are converted to A records pointing to the origin server IP address.

  4. The next step is to customize the Trust Seal on your website. Please click the Begin Trust Seal Installation link seen in STEP 3 Install SiteLock Trust Seal.

    Step 3

    1. You may Choose a language from the dropdown menu, then click Next.

      Trust Seal - Choose a   language

    2. Choose your preferred color, size, and style, then click Next.

      Trust Seal - Choose   color, size and style

    3. Use the code in the text box and insert it into your website. Click Save Configuration Settings.

      Trust Seal - Copy and   Insert Code