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Domain Status Prohibited for Transfer

Your domain transfer might be on hold because of its current status. Contacting your current registrar is the best way to find out what's causing the issue and hopefully resolve it. This article explains the domain status prohibited for transfers. To learn more about standard domain status codes, you can check out ICANN's EPP Status Codes documentation.

How do I check my domain's status?

You check your domain’s status using ICANN’s WHOIS lookup tool or the domain’s current registrar’s Whois lookup service. The status code is included in the search results. Below is an example:

Domain clientTransferProhibited status

What is the status of the domain prohibited for transfers?

Below is a list of domain statuses prohibited from domain transfer, along with their descriptions and ways to resolve the domain issue.

Domain Status




The domain name has already expired and is past the redemption period. The domain will become available to the open market after a few days for re-registration.

Contact the domain's current registrar as soon possible and check if it is possible to put a backorder for the domain.


The request to register the domain name is currently in progress. Newly registered domains cannot be transferred until a period of 60 days has elapsed. You can check your domain's current status anytime within your Account Manager.


The domain transfer is in progress.
Please contact your current provider and ask them to reject the transfer request on your behalf.


Your domain name will enter this status for 30 days if it is not renewed or recovered for approximately 40 days after its expiration date. If the domain name is in this period, you may be able to still restore your domain name for a fee in addition to the standard renewal cost.
Please contact your provider to determine how to recover your domain.


(or any other "client" holds)

The domain is locked from being transferred at the registrar level. The domain needs to be unlocked at the current registrar to transfer it. Please contact your current registrar to understand the next steps to remove the lock and allow the transfer.


(or any other "server" holds)

The domain has been locked from being transferred at the registry level. These locks must be removed with coordination between the current registrar and the registry directly. Please contact your current registrar to determine the next steps.

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