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Be a YouTube Star! Follow These 5 Steps

Lights, Camera, Action!

Business Insider reports that YouTube users watch more than 500 million hours of videos every day. So, it makes sense that this video platform is ripe for gaining social media stardom.

“The reach and power of YouTube has been demonstrated by the many artists, celebrities and comedians that have launched their careers through YouTube videos. From celebrities like singer Justin Bieber to actress/model Kate Upton, the effectiveness of video marketing cannot be denied,” writes Eric Baum, CEO and founder of Bluleadz.

You can begin building your brand right now. Here are five ways to reach superstar status on YouTube.

Domain Name

1. Find Your Unique Lane

If you’ve done your research, you already know that competition exists on YouTube. There are thousands of channels that demonstrate cooking, perform comedy sketches, and even talk about celebrity news.

You’re probably thinking: Why should I try? Every topic has been discussed.

Well, it’s not about covering the same topic over and over again. It’s about bringing your unique talent to a subject and showcasing it differently to an audience.

Creativity will separate you from the competition. Let’s say you’re a professional dancer. Rather than showing off your moves in a studio, try dancing in different settings, like a park or a museum.

In 2011, YouTube star Luzu launched his channel called LuzuVlogs. His Spanish vlogging channel has more than 2.5 million subscribers. Luzu offers his perspective on producing worthwhile content:

“The greatest thing about this is we are defining a lot of things. The way people consume content is changing, and this way of doing content responds to the needs that they have rather than telling them how they should do it.”

Luzu doesn’t just talk the talk. He actually takes action. You can watch one of his many adventures below.

You have something special to offer on YouTube. Start brainstorming and posting your videos.


2. Produce High-Quality Videos

New technology is making it easier for you to spread your message. It’s important to produce high-quality video to keep your fans engaged.

The first step is to invest in the right equipment. Do your homework and find the perfect gear that fits your needs. Your must-have list may include a video camera, lighting kit, tripod, and editing software.

Next, you want to create a storyboard or a script for each video. This preparation will keep your content focused. You’ll know exactly what you want to convey and how to present the content.

Don’t get discouraged during this time-consuming process. Research shows that “70 percent of creators with at least 100,000 subscribers spend at least six hours working on each video they upload to YouTube, and one-third of those YouTube stars spend at least eight hours on each video.”

Award-winning YouTube personality Rosanna Pansino hosts the well-known online baking show Nerdy Nummies. Her channel touts 8.3 million subscribers with over 2 billion total video views.

In 2015, Rosanna produced and hosted two-60 minute TV specials on the Cooking Channel and released her first cookbook. Here’s one of her delicious videos:

It’s time to build your very own studio. For high-quality videos, purchase the right gear and create a plan before pressing record.


3. Engage with Your Audience

Engagement is a critical factor in any social media network. On YouTube, it’s a major part of building your fan base.

Many first-time YouTubers post their videos and never read the comment section. However, people like sparking conversations with influencers. Keep your fans happy by talking with them and giving their responses a thumbs up.

You also may want to ask your audience questions. Get to know more about them: Where do they live? What other channels do they watch? Do they have video content requests?

Beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook of GlamLifeGuru gives tutorials and offers product reviews to her 2.8 million subscribers. In her videos, you’ll see her testing out new lipsticks and adding her creative thoughts.

Tati also engages with her audience in the comments. In the image below, she drops a reminder about an upcoming video.

YouTube comments section

Your fans want to interact with you one-on-one. So, make an effort to respond to their comments and to thank them for watching.

4. Collaborate with Influencers

Becoming a star isn’t a one-person endeavor. By collaborating with influencers, you can speed up your path to success.

Current YouTube stars are your best resources if you want to become an influencer yourself. Reach out to influencers you admire and start building quality relationships.

“Begin interacting with them, by friending, favoriting and commenting on their videos. In this way you can develop relationships with YouTube stars who can offer advice and encouragement (and access to their networks) for building your own YouTube star power,” writes Gretchen Siegchrist, founder and creative director of Video4Good.

Collaboration takes many shapes and forms. You may ask the influencer for mentorship, or you could barter services with the person. For instance, if you’re a great video editor, ask to edit the YouTube star’s next project in exchange for 15 minutes of advice.

As you grow, you’ll want to invite influencers to star in your videos. YouTube megastar Lilly Singh has done collaborations with Ryan Higa, Miranda Sings, and Anthony Padilla.

YouTube influencer marketing

Lilly’s social media success earned her roles in Bad Moms and Ice Age: Collision Course. Her upcoming role in Fahrenheit 451 will mark her first major acting gig.

Ready to learn? Start collaborating with others to carve out your path to stardom.


5. Grow Your Email List

Focusing on the growth of your YouTube channel is vital in the beginning. But as your brand expands, you want the flexibility to interact with your fans beyond social media.

YouTube is considered rented land. This means if the platform stops existing tomorrow you won’t be able to connect with your fans. You’re stuck starting from scratch.

Instead, you want to own land. In the online world, you’ll want to purchase a domain and build a personal website.

On your website, you can post blooper videos, add your full bio, and even highlight your next appearances. What’s also cool is that you can include a form to get fans on your email list.

Email lists are an opportunity to communicate directly with your audience. You can send exclusive videos or ask for their feedback. Plus, you own the list and your communication isn’t dependent on a social channel.

Justine Ezarik, known as iJustine, is a popular YouTuber who vlogs about life, tech, and cooking. On the television show New Celebrity Apprentice, she coached contestants on how to create viral videos.

Justine is no stranger to email lists. She includes a sign-up form on her site.

YouTube email newsletter signup

Take your success to the next level. Build a website and encourage people to join your email list.


Start Your Journey Today

Are you ready for your close-up? With the right concept and camera angle, you can draw thousands, maybe millions, of people to your brand.

Create a unique YouTube channel that entertains and informs your watchers. You can engage your audience to generate ideas for future videos. And of course, send people to your website where they can join your email list.

Get your camera ready. Start your YouTube journey now.

Shayla Price creates and promotes content. She lives at the intersection of digital marketing, technology, and social responsibility. Originally from Louisiana, Shayla champions access to remote work opportunities. Connect with her on Twitter at @shaylaprice.