WordPress Twitter Accounts to Follow

Twitter is a goldmine of expert information. It doesn’t matter what you want to learn. If you conduct a quick Twitter search, you’ll instantaneously be knees deep in advice from industry pros.

But here’s the thing.

Since Twitter has nearly 200 million users, it’s easy to get lost or find yourself falling deeper and deeper into a Twitter black hole.

In an effort to save you from too many cute pet videos, schadenfreude, and other fun time wasters when you’re looking for professional WordPress information, we’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress users to follow.

So, buckle up, create your first Twitter list, and add the following 10 accounts.

1. @WordPress

@wordpress tweet

It would be silly to start with any account other than the official WordPress Twitter account itself. 

The WordPress Twitter account should be your go-to for all the latest and greatest updates in the WordPress world.

WordPress tweets out all of the following useful information on the regular:

  • General WordPress updates
  • WordPress.org blog posts
  • WordPress security and maintenance releases
  • WordPress user success stories (these are my personal favorite)
  • New episodes of the WordPress podcast, Who is WordPress?
  • Monthly WordPress newsletter
  • WordPress tips

If @WordPress isn’t at the top of your Twitter list, follow the account immediately.

2. @MaddyOsman

@maddyosman wordpress tweet

I don’t want to brag, but Maddy Osman follows me on Twitter. We follow each other. It’s a beautiful online friendship. You know, the kind of friendship where I benefit from everything she tweets.

Anyway, Maddy Osman is THE freelance writer to follow if you’re interested in WordPress trends.

She writes for popular WordPress brands and keeps current on everything WordPress. Plus, she shares her knowledge of the WordPress world with the likes of you and me.

Here are some things you can expect when you follow Maddy:

  • WordPress trends and updates
  • SEO optimization tips for your WordPress blog
  • Digital marketing tips and tactics
  • Updates on the best WordPress plugins and site integrations
  • eCommerce tips and tricks to capture more sales

Go follow @MaddyOsman.

3. @wptavern

@wptavern wordpress gutenberg tweet

If there is one thing 2020 taught us, it’s that it’s perfectly acceptable to day drink during work hours. Okay, I’m not sure whether or not this is true, but based on the WordPress Tavern website, I bet they wouldn’t judge (see image below).

Here’s what you can expect from WordPress Tavern: 

  • Deep analysis on WordPress features and updates
  • Google updates that could affect your website
  • WordPress theme update analysis and how it affects website owners
  • Relevant whitepapers
  • WordPress design how-tos
  • Cool plugins every WP user should know about
  • And more!

So, open your favorite can of beer—root beer allowed—follow @WPTavern on Twitter, and start browsing their Tweets.

4. @nileflores

@blondishnet wordpress autoblogging tweet

Nile Flores describes herself as a sassy WordPress designer and developer + mom. We describe her as that plus the WordPress designer and developer that everyone in the world with a WordPress site has to follow on Twitter. 

Following her is a WordPress rule. Look it up.

When you follow @NileFlores, you can expect:

  • Guides on how you can launch your WordPress site
  • Walk-throughs on relevant web and social tools
  • WordPress plugin musts
  • Design tips
  • And more!

We love her Tweets and her blog. Follow her.

5. @WP101

@wp101 wordpress woocommerce 5.0 tweet

Remember in college when you didn’t really want to learn about biology, but you had to take Biology to graduate? So, you started with the basics and signed up for Bio 101?

WordPress 101 is like signing up for the basics of WordPress. But instead of being a boring college course, it’s a thrilling, hip Twitter account that will teach you how to make money from your blog. Plus, you don’t have to dissect a frog. Win-win.

@WP101 tweets about:

  • WordPress training events
  • WordPress tips and tricks
  • Website pitfalls to avoid
  • Cool free WordPress themes
  • And so much more!

6. @WPExplorer

@wpexplorer wordpress directory plugins tweet

WPExplorer is the official Twitter account for the WPExplorer blog where you can learn everything you need to know to start a successful WordPress site.

If you’re looking for practical how-tos, WPExplorer is where the party’s at. Here are some recent tweet topics from WPExplorer:

  • How to optimize your WooCommerce store
  • Helpful lead generation tips
  • Tips for growing your subscriber list
  • Domain mapping tutorial
  • How to find an SEO friendly theme

@WPExplorer provides the tips and tricks in Tweets that will help you boost site conversions.

7. @Speckyboy

@speckyboy wordpress news tweet

You know Specklyboy as the online magazine for web designers. The Twitter account complements the magazine by tweeting out new resources, tools, and innovative WordPress techniques.

While Speckyboy offers advice for new WordPress users, advanced WordPress users will also find value in following this account.

Here is what to expect:

  • WordPress theme options
  • CSS updates
  • Ideas for improving UI
  • Font design ideas
  • Open source notifications
  • Weekly news for designers
  • And more!

You’ll definitely get both practical and technical advice by following @Speckyboy on Twitter.

8. @GutenbergTimes

@gutenbergtimes wordpress gutenberg news tweet

If you’re still learning the Gutenberg Editor, then Gutenberg Times is the perfect account to follow. 

Even if you’ve been using the block editor since its inception, following Gutenberg Times on Twitter will still provide valuable insight and resources.

Here are some of the things Gutenberg Times tweets about:

  • Gutenberg tips and tricks
  • Gutenberg information and updates
  • Curated information about Gutenberg
  • Opportunities to test changes
  • Full-site editing overviews
  • And more!

If you haven’t switched from the classic editor to Gutenberg, the time is now. Follow the @GutenbergTimes account to help you navigate the change.

9. @BobWP

@bobwp wordpress editing tweet

Good ole’ BobWP. 

This Twitter account leans heavily into WooCommerce. If you’re using your WordPress site to sell products, then there is a goldmine of information on this Twitter account.

Some recent tweets from BobWP include:

  • Tips for niching down with new products
  • How apple’s iOS 14 update impacts ecommerce advertising
  • Why WooCommerce developers should attend meetups
  • Panel Q&A
  • The anatomy of a WooCommerce template
  • And more!

Follow @BobWP before you start building your WooCommerce store, or whenever you’re ready to scale.

10. HostGator

@hostgator wordpress youtube tweet

Did you know that HostGator has a one-click integration with WordPress? When you sign up for a web hosting account with HostGator, it’s easy as pie to build a WordPress site.

WordPress is one of our favorite ways to build a website. As such, we tweet often about WordPress.

  • Here’s the kind of information you’ll see:
  • WordPress tips and tricks
  • Blog posts and guides on how to use WordPress 
  • Memes
  • WordPress YouTube tutorials
  • And more!

We are passionate about WordPress and love sharing tweets that will help you build a better website.

Follow @HostGator on Twitter today!

If you’re not following the accounts listed above, including the HostGator Twitter account, the time is now. 

Create a list, add these 10 accounts, and check your list daily for updates. These ten accounts will provide all the information you need to build an outstanding WordPress site.

Remember, if you need a web hosting account, check out the options from HostGator.

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