is wordpress right for your business

You’re here because you’re trying to decide if WordPress is the right tool to build your business website.

It’s a common concern to have, after all, there are dozens of different website builders, platforms, and content management systems to choose from. And you want what’s best for your business.

WordPress currently powers around 30% of the internet. This might not seem like a lot, but when compared to the hundreds of different ways people can build a website, it’s pretty impressive.

Is WordPress good for a business website? The short answer is yes.

Below we’ll go into greater depth behind that answer. You’ll learn what WordPress is, why it’s a great choice for your business, and finally, we’ll highlight a few themes that will be perfect for your new business website.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system. At its core, a content management system will allow you to build your site, and create, edit, and manage content all without knowing how to code.

It originally started as a blogging platform, but since it’s early days WordPress has gone on to power some of the largest sites in the world, like BBC America, The New Yorker, and Tech Crunch.

With WordPress for business, you build your business website with themes, add new features with plugins, and use the built-in key features to create and manage your content.


Why WordPress is a Great Choice for Your Business

When you’re choosing a platform to support your business, you have different needs than someone who’s just building out a simple site for personal use.

As a business owner, your website needs to offer you flexibility and control. It should be easy to use, and the platform should scale to meet the growing demands of your business.

As you’ll soon learn below, WordPress does all of these things and more.


1. WordPress Is Affordable

As a business owner, you probably want to cut costs whenever possible. Now, you don’t want to sacrifice quality, but you’re probably looking for the best possible deal.

Luckily, WordPress satisfies those requirements.

Right out of the box, the CMS is completely free and open source. Your only investments will be in your domain name and WordPress hosting plans, and whether you decide to use a free WordPress theme or a premium theme to build out your site.

You will have some initial upfront costs, but the lower ongoing costs will make it a better investment for years to come.


2. WordPress Is Infinitely Flexible

With WordPress, you can build any kind of site you desire, from advanced eCommerce sites to thousand page content machines, and every kind of site in between.

You not only have thousands of different theme options to choose from, but you also have a  massive marketplace of the most popular WordPress plugins you can choose from to add more features to your site.

The near-infinite flexibility of WordPress is part of the reason it’s so popular. No matter what kind of business site you want to build, WordPress can help you build it.


3. WordPress Is Easy to Use

One of the reasons behind the widespread adoption of WordPress is that it’s very easy to use.

Plus you’ll have infinitely more control over the end result of your site, and you’ll always have complete ownership over your data.

There are a wide range of WordPress tutorials out there that will help you do everything you need to get started, such as installing WordPress on your site, building out your theme, installing plugins, and even troubleshooting different issues.


4. WordPress Has a Large Online Community

If you run into any issues with your site there’s always a large community you can lean on. You’ll find a wealth of support materials from your theme and plugin providers, and everything else you need is just a Google search away.

Since WordPress is so popular, a dedicated and genuinely helpful community has sprung up. There are dozens of blogs and sites dedicated entirely to teaching you the ins and outs of WordPress and helping you overcome any issues you might run into.


5. WordPress Can Grow With You

WordPress powers everything from small blogs, all the way up to some of the largest websites online, like Thought Catalog, CNN, the New York Post, and more. What explains this varied demand?

First, it has endless customization options. 

Second, it’s built to scale and manage even the largest websites that have thousands of posts and get millions of visitors per month.

Another bonus? No major upgrades are required to meet this growth. You’ll have everything you need to scale your website right from the very beginning.


6. WordPress Is Secure

As a business owner, your site needs to be secure. Getting your site hacked, or having a security breach can lead to a loss of trust in the eyes of your visitors. In some cases, their personal data can even become comprised, which can be difficult to recover from.

Almost every system is vulnerable to hacking. Since WordPress is such a popular platform it’s more likely to be the subject of an attack. Securing your website will protect your WordPress site against many different types of cybersecurity threats.

But, this also means you have even more people working to prevent those attacks and create patches when any security vulnerabilities might arise.

You have an extensive set of security plugin options you can install to greatly improve the security of your site. You also have the ability to choose a WordPress managed host, which will take your site security to ultimate heights.


7. You Have Control Over Your Data

WordPress is open source, and you’ll be self-hosting your own website. This means that you own everything regarding your website: your files, content, media, and even where you want to host your site.

That means you can effectively pack up and bring your site elsewhere whenever you’d like.

Using closed systems like Squarespace means that you’re never in full ownership of your site. It is possible to migrate away from platforms like that, but you’ll typically have to leave a lot of your site behind – and spend time building a new site from scratch.

Just like all business owners, you want to know who’s in control of your site’s data, and you want that person to be you.


Top WordPress Themes for Business

Hopefully, by now, you have a greater understanding of why you should choose WordPress for your new business website.

The next challenge you’ll face is choosing the right WordPress themes for your business.

Here are five of the best WordPress business themes we’ve come across for business owners:


1. Divi

divi theme

Divi is a very clean, mobile responsive, and flexible theme. You can effectively use this theme to build any kind of website you desire.

It’s built on a drag and drop builder, so all your site’s customization is just handled by dragging, dropping, and rearranging certain content blocks.

There are also dozens of pre-built page layout options, so you don’t have to create every single page from scratch.


2.Digital Pro

digital pro theme

Digital Pro is a great eCommerce business theme that sits on top of the Genesis framework. It’s very clean and elegant and packed with features.

You’ll be able to easily customize your eCommerce site through the customization panel, adding text, changing color schemes, responsive layout options, and a lot more.

Like most theme options in the StudioPress library, this makes use of a lot of whitespace and offers clean typography. The end result provides your visitors with a very comfortable browsing experience.


3. Navy

navy theme

Navy is a clean and versatile theme. It emphasizes large images along with clear and bold typography to help get your message across.

If you’re a cutting-edge company or want to give off a sleek and professional appearance, then this theme is a great choice.

Once you install the theme you’ll have the option of choosing between one of 12 different homepage templates, as well as a variety of templates for the rest of your site content. 

Plus, there’s a drag and drop builder built-in, so you can easily rearrange your pages to give them a unique look.


4. Corporate

corporate theme

Corporate will give your eCommerce site a very sleek and professional appearance. It offers you a very clean and spacious mobile responsive design so you can put the focus on your words and business.

This theme works great for companies who also have a physical business, as you’ll be able to integrate your phone number, team page, and address.

It even includes cool features like an animated experience display (to highlight your skills), pricing tables, the parallax scaling effect, and more.


5. Foundry

foundry theme

Foundry offers a cutting-edge and minimalist theme for businesses that want a responsive design for mobile devices. This theme presents you with a simple display, while still offering you all the customization options you require.

It’s equipped with 25 different concepts that are designed for specific niches or e-commerce business verticals. Each of these essentially acts as a skin on top of the existing theme.

Since it’s bundled with Visual Composer, you can drag and drop your way to building out your site.

It’s a great theme for businesses that want to project their message loud and clear.


WordPress: The Right Choice for Your Business Site

Hopefully, you see now that choosing WordPress to build your new business site is basically a no-brainer. Its flexibility, affordability, scalability, and ease of use are just a few of the reasons it should be your top choice.

Build your WordPress business website today.

Kevin Wood writes about technology and human potential. You can find him at his virtual homes Wooden Writing and Counter Culturist.