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Chances are you use numerous keyword shortcuts on a daily basis. You probably use them so regularly that they’ve become second nature to you. Well, WordPress has those same shortcuts, and mastering them can make your life as a webmaster or blogger much easier.

WordPress offers a wide array of shortcuts that can help to greatly improve your productivity when using the platform. They have shortcuts that can greatly help you with the formatting of your posts and managing of your comments, two things that probably take up the most of your time.

Below we profile the most useful WordPress keyword shortcuts you need to know.

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WordPress Post Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

The first place you’ll be able to use keyboard shortcuts to dramatically improve your workflow is within the post editor. Formatting your posts takes time, but with the shortcuts below you’ll be able to format your content without ever taking your fingers off the keyboard.

If you have a variety of other plugins installed on your site, then they might come equipped with keyboard shortcuts as well, but for the purpose of this post, we’re going to stick to those native to WordPress.

Also, keep in mind that the Ctrl key is for PC’s, and can be substituted for the Command key on Mac.


Basic Shortcuts

You probably already have a grasp of these basic shortcuts, but they’re worth highlighting just in case.

  •    Highlighting Text: Ctrl + forward arrow or back arrow
  •    Select All:  Ctrl+A
  •    Copy: Ctrl+C
  •    Paste: Ctrl+V
  •    Cut: Ctrl+X
  •    Undo: Ctrl+Z
  •    Redo: Ctrl+Y
  •    Bold: Ctrl+B
  •    Underline: Ctrl+U
  •    Italicize: Ctrl+I
  •    Strikethrough: Alt+Shift+D


With the basics in hand, it’s time to cover how you can quickly format your text as you write. Below you’ll learn how to change your headings, edit your links, align your text, and much more.


Changing Your Heading

The shortcuts below will help you change your headings and subheadings:

  •    Heading 1: Ctrl+1
  •    Heading 2: Ctrl+2
  •    Heading 3: Ctrl+3
  •    Heading 4: Ctrl+4
  •    Heading 5: Ctrl+5
  •    Heading 6: Ctrl+6


Aligning Your Text

Sometimes you’ll want to quickly adjust the alignment of your text. The following commands will help you do just that:

  •    Align left: Alt+Shift+L
  •    Align right: Alt+Shift+R
  •    Align center: Alt+Shift+C
  •    Justify your text: Alt+Shift+J


Changing Your Links

Now you can embed and change links as you write:

  •    Insert a link: Alt+Shift+A
  •    Delete a link: Alt+Shift+S


Media and Element Modification

WordPress has various other media features like blockquotes, images, page breaks and more, that you’ll be able to activate with the shortcuts below:

  •    Insert an image: Alt+Shift+M
  •    Insert blockquotes: Alt+Shift+Q
  •    Insert the more tag: Alt+Shift+T
  •    Insert a page break: Alt+Shift+P
  •    Spell check your text: Alt+Shift+N
  •    Save a draft: Ctrl+S


Adjusting the Post Editor Window

If you’re looking to minimize distractions and improve your focus as you write, then this shortcut will be incredibly effective. Below you’ll learn how to enable the built-in distraction free writing mode and how to adjust the post editor window.

  •    Turn on/off the distraction free mode: Alt+Shift+W
  •    Widen the editor: Ctrl + ‘+’
  •    Narrow the editor: Ctrl + ‘-‘
  •    Bring it back to regular width: Ctrl+0


WordPress Comment Section Keyboard Shortcuts

WordPress has a variety of shortcuts you can use to manage your comment section. If you have a very active comments section then these shortcodes will help you manage and reply to your comments much easier.

To use these comment shortcodes first you’ll have to enable them from within WordPress. To do this, navigate to Users>Your Profile>Keyboard Shortcuts, then tick the box that allows for keyboard shortcuts. You must manually turn on this feature for any user who will be using keyboard shortcuts to manage comments.

Once you’re on the comment screen you can navigate up by pressing the K key and navigate down by pressing the J key.


Comment Moderation Shortcuts

The following shortcuts will help you better manage individual comments. All you have to do is press the associated key from within the comment screen:

  •    Approve comment: A
  •    Delete comment: D
  •    Mark comment as spam: S
  •    Restore a comment: Z
  •    Unapprove a comment: U
  •    Reply to comment: R
  •    Turn on quick edit on a comment: Q


Bulk Comment Moderation Shortcuts

If you regularly have a lot of comments you need to reply to, manage, or delete, then the following shortcuts will be a huge time saver.

To select the comments you want to manage just use the J and K keys to find your comment if you want to select every single comment then use the Shift+X command. With your desired comments selected you can do the following:

  •    Approve comments: Shift+A
  •    Delete comments: Shift+D
  •    Mark as spam: Shift+S
  •    Unapprove comments: Shift+U
  •    Move comments to trash: Shift+T
  •    Bring comments back from trash: Shift+Z

All of the shortcuts above might seem like a lot to master, but remember you don’t have to learn them all in one day. Just pick a few that you think will be the most valuable and integrate them into your existing workflow. Over time you can add more and soon you’ll be accomplishing your WordPress tasks in the shortest amount of time possible.


Are there any shortcuts you regularly use that we forget to highlight above? Please share your favorites in the comments below.

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