Best WordPress plugins for appointment scheduling booking

Booking more customers is essential to growing your small business revenue. However, the process can be a hassle with the constant back and forth to schedule the perfect date and time with a customer.

WordPress scheduling plugins offer a solution to manage all of your meetings, bookings, and reservations. WordPress plugins are especially helpful for the small business owner who can’t afford a full-time assistant.

Find the right WordPress booking plugin to boost your business. Here are seven plugin solutions to help you maintain a competitive edge.

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1. Appointment Booking Calendar

A recent survey found that 42% of patients would rather book appointments online. This scheduling convenience holds true for customers booking appointments in other industries, too.

Give your customers this added benefit with Appointment Booking Calendar. This plugin allows you to create a booking module on your website. It includes several built-in features, like booking time slots, PayPal payment processing, and confirmation emails to your customers. The sync feature lets you export appointments to iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

appointment booking calendar plugin for wordpress

This plugin also protects you from unwanted spam. It includes captcha validation within the appointment calendar form. You also can print your entire list of bookings. 

Appointment Booking Calendar is customizable to fit your needs, from changing the form interface to editing the notification emails. 

2. Bookly

Bookly is your choice for a responsive scheduling tool. You can use it for several types of businesses, including beauty salons, fitness centers, and professional services.

The plugin allows customers to quickly schedule with your business. Your customers also receive email and SMS notifications to confirm their appointments.

bookly wordpress booking plugin

Miron Yumanau, a Bookly user, gave this plugin five stars for customer support and wrote the following review: 

“Very good product. It has a lot of functions and possibilities. Great booking system for growing business. Sometimes I had some issues, but the support team always helped. Especially, thank you to Julia for the great support.”

Bookly offers a premium version with more features, including a mobile-friendly booking form, an unlimited number of booking forms, and payment integrations.

3. Start Booking

start booking wordpress scheduling plugin

Start Booking is a complete WordPress booking plugin. It’s incredibly easy to use and allows you to quickly set up appointment and booking forms and add them to your website.

With the Start Booking plugin, you can update your availability as needed, add multiple services, and manage appointments for multiple users. You can even embed the booking form directly into your WordPress site with their Gutenberg blocks or shortcodes. Sweet, right? Once the booking form has been connected to your site, you can use their powerful SMS text and email notifications to ensure your customers never miss an appointment. The Start Booking plugin also has integrations for Google Calendar, Zoom, Mailchimp, and more. As an added bonus, the plugin’s support crew is very helpful. They offer live chat, 24/7 ticket support, and helpful tutorials on topics like how to set up a WordPress scheduling plugin.

4. Booking Calendar

Your customers are online 24/7. Even after closing your small business for the day, you need a tool to help you book appointments in your absence. Booking Calendar is what your business needs.

Do you manage an apartment complex? Your tenants can check the availability of a property. Do you provide a service? Your customers can book a time slot on your schedule. So, say goodbye to double bookings and gain confidence with an accurate calendar. 

Booking Calendar offers an easy-to-use admin panel to handle booking management. You can search and sort your bookings with the filter feature, and you can approve or decline specific bookings. The plugin also sends email notifications to your customers for confirmation. More calendar control means more opportunities to create a better customer experience.

booking calendar wordpress appointment plugin

5. Amelia Lite

Amelia Lite is an automated booking system on your WordPress website. Its single-page-app approach works efficiently without page reloading. Plus, it takes less than five minutes for you to set up.

The premium version boasts a full feature list, from custom fields for booking forms to service photo galleries. You can even offer discount coupons for bookings.

amelia wordpress booking plugin

Give Amelia Lite a test run and experience its intuitive design. It’s a powerful automated booking specialist that fuses well with your current small business processes.

6. Booking Calendar

Did you know that more than 40% of bookings are completed online? The days of calling your service provider by phone to book an appointment are steadily declining. Customers like the convenience of scheduling their appointments online.

Let’s not frustrate your customers. Instead, install the Booking Calendar on your website. This appointment booking system makes it easy for you to create any type of scheduling calendar. 

Customize it to your preferences with unlimited themes, unavailable weekday selections, and date format choices. The plugin is also configured to provide instant approval and send email alerts to customers about their appointment or booking status.

booking calendar wordpress plugin

If you upgrade to the Pro version, you gain additional features, like redirecting customers to a new page after a booking submission and upgrading your user permissions. These benefits give your customers a better brand experience.

7. Modern Events Calendar Lite

Modern Events Calendar Lite is a practical tool to get more customers signed up for your events. This plugin offers a well-designed user experience with different views, including a carousel, countdown, and timetable. No more stressing over event management.

modern events calendar lite appointment booking plugin for wordpress

Need help getting started? The plugin creators provide elite customer service to answer all your questions. You can scroll through their knowledge base articles or submit a ticket to get one-on-one assistance.

8. Ultimate Appointment Scheduling

Last but not least, there’s the Ultimate Appointment Booking & Scheduling plugin. This tool gives you the flexibility to create appointment locations with different opening hours. You also can accept PayPal payments during the booking process.

ultimate appointment booking and scheduling wordpress pluging

This plugin is a good match for businesses with one-on-one or one-to-many services, such as medical professionals, event venues, and corporate training sessions. You can set up an unlimited number of unique appointment services for your customers. 

If you purchase the paid version, you can prevent spam by requiring customers to log in before creating an appointment. You’ll also get the ability to customize the look of your form to fit your brand’s colors and style.

Book More Customers with WordPress Plugins for Booking Appointments

WordPress scheduling plugins add more functionality to your website. Try these booking tools to improve your productivity and streamline the way you do business.

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