Set Up Your Email List with Constant Contact

Email marketing plays a critical role in engaging your customers. It’s an opportunity to build a quality relationship beyond website visits.

With the help of email, small businesses can level the playing field against their large corporate competitors. Sending a personalized message to each subscriber opens the door to more revenue.

However, your team needs the right platform to facilitate the behind-the-scenes action. Constant Contact makes it possible with its powerful features and benefits.

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level? Here are five reasons to use Constant Contact today.

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1. Customizable Templates

Small businesses run on limited resources. It’s not feasible for your team to know every aspect of email marketing.

So, when it comes to designing email templates, your team may get stuck on what to do next. You all may decide to send plain-text messages or stick to the cookie-cutter templates.

Constant Contact gives your small business more options with hundreds of customizable templates. Each template is easy to edit with a reliable drag-and-drop experience. Your team can personalize the colors and fonts to match your brand.

constant contact email templates

Research shows that 46% of all email opens happen on mobile devices. Therefore, it’s imperative to build mobile-responsive email designs. But no worries, Constant Contact handles the heavy lifting for your small business.

Moreover, templates should coincide with your intended message. From holiday designs to event invitations, your team can fit the right design with the right copy. No more generating templates from scratch, too. These reusable templates offer flexibility for every campaign.

Forget the hassles of creating your own templates or hiring an expensive designer who can. With Constant Contact’s customizable templates, you get high-quality designs at your fingertips.


2. Targeted Campaigns

In email marketing, it’s not good enough to just send any message to your subscribers. An irrelevant email gets quickly ignored, leaving your customers confused and frustrated.

Personalization is important when developing your campaigns. You want every message to have a purpose and offer value to the recipient. As Forbes contributor states:

“All your email messages should offer some value to your users. That could be showing them your best content, offering discounts, or letting them in on news they won’t find elsewhere—whatever it is, it needs to mean something to your target audience.”

Segmentation helps you deliver the right message to your consumers. Your segments may differ because of your marketing goals. You can send specific emails based on purchasing behavior, shopping habits, or even geographic location.

Constant Contact’s click segmentation feature lets your team automatically add a subscriber to a list every time the contact clicks a link, a button, or a clickable image in your email. You then can send more targeted, behavioral messages.

constant contact click segmentation

Avoid the trap of placing your subscribers inside a marketing box where they all receive the exact same message. Instead, your team should aim to customize the inbox experience with smart email marketing automation.


3. Contact Management

As your small business begins to grow, you’ll want to keep accurate records of your contact list. Performing a regular check of your contacts ensures everyone in receiving relevant messages.

A healthy email list is one free of inactive subscribers who haven’t opened your emails in a long period of time. For some companies, this period may be six months or one year.

List maintenance acts a safeguard. Your goal is to connect with interested buyers desiring to hear about your products and announcements.

If you already possess a list, Constant Contact offers the option to upload it from Excel, Gmail, or Outlook. Still in the list building stage? No problem, the platform also lets you add new contacts from your Facebook page and website.

constant contact add email popup to website

Contact management is essential to your small business operations. Rather than forget or neglect it, take action with Constant Contact.


4. Performance Tracking

Before email became a legitimate marketing tool, companies sent out random emails to announce an upcoming sale or remind subscribers about a local event. No one really thought about measuring the effectiveness of each campaign.

Over the years, tracking the performance of your emails has become a major aspect of email marketing. Teams are evaluating everything from open rates to click-through rates to bounce rates.

Constant Contact provides real-time tracking to observe who’s opening, clicking, and sharing your emails. The in-depth reporting allows you to measure campaign performance over time and see who is engaged and who isn’t.

constant contact email reporting

Take a simple approach to improve the performance of your campaigns. John Grimshaw,  analytics and data manager at DigitalMarketer, offers his advice:

“An easy way to improve click-through rate is to avoid over-selling your products or services through email and instead focus on getting people to click your link. The body of the email only has one job: sell the click.”

Performance tracking is crucial to understanding your small business’s email marketing efforts. Constant Contact makes measuring your impact easier.


5. Loyalty Incentives

For small businesses, customer retention is a key part in sustainability. You want customers to stick with your brand, rather than purchasing one item and never seeing them again.

Loyalty is often earned in the customer relationship. It’s unrealistic to assume if a customer buys from you once that they will repurchase. You need to offer something in return to entice them to revisit your brand.

Offering loyalty incentives is one solution to maintaining your customer base. An incentive can include anything from a 10% coupon on the next purchase or a special invitation to an exclusive event.

With Constant Contact’s PLUS plan, your team can create a mobile-responsive coupon within an email and track when it’s claimed, shared, and redeemed. This tactic helps boost referrals to your small business.

constant contact coupon tracking

Keep your customers coming back for more with loyalty incentives. Email is the vehicle to drive engagement and sales.


Email Marketing With Confidence

Leveraging email marketing will equip small businesses to compete in today’s marketplace. With Constant Contact, your team can save time and money with customizable templates and targeted campaigns. Skip all the hassle and add Constant Contact to your email marketing toolkit.

Shayla Price creates and promotes content. She lives at the intersection of digital marketing, technology, and social responsibility. Originally from Louisiana, Shayla champions access to remote work opportunities. Connect with her on Twitter at @shaylaprice.