What Is White Label Hosting

White label hosting is commonly referred to as reseller hosting. This is the ability to re-sell another hosting company’s servers, bandwidth, and hosting services as if they were your own company.

White label hosting can be a great addition to your existing business, or even offer you a way to build a hosting company from scratch. Below you’ll learn what white label hosting actually is, its benefits, and what this kind of hosting usually includes.


Who is White Label Hosting For?

White label hosting is quite versatile. Literally anyone can use white label hosting to sell hosting services. Selling hosting services and taking care of all the technical requirements, like server management and maintenance, can be quite time consuming. White label hosting takes the hard parts out of selling hosting.

White label hosting can be a great additional service to offer if you’re a web developer, agency, or even want to start your own hosting service. White label hosting can also be a great choice for web developers or designers who want to host their client’s sites with a separate cPanel, but don’t require extensive hosting packages.


Benefits of White Label Hosting

If you’re a solo web developer or run a large-scale agency, it’s always a good idea to expand your offerings and find new ways to serve your customers. White label hosting can do just that. Below you’ll learn the different ways this can benefit your business.


1. Expands Your Services

Adding hosting to your list of services makes it much easier for your customers to get everything they need. Instead of having to turn to a third-party provider, you can do it all in house.

As an all-inclusive service you’ll also be able to charge higher prices, as you can handle every aspect of getting a customer’s site online. Instead of leaving it to the customer to figure out some of the technical elements themselves.


2. Improves Customer Retention

By selling hosting you’ll be able to ensure that you develop a long-term relationship with your customer. Instead of selling them a single service and never speaking again you can serve them continually. You can bet when they need more web-related work done they’re going to turn to you.

Also, a lot of people end up leaving their hosting providers because of an unsavory experience. With you acting as the intermediary you can ensure that never happens. You’ll be able to resolve any hosting issues that come up before the stress gets passed on to your customer. This will further help to strengthen your relationship and value to your customers.


3. Grows Your Bottom Line

Selling hosting is great in that it’s a recurring payment. If you’re stuck doing one-off services for your clients, then you’re probably looking for ways you can increase your monthly revenue, and offering hosting can be a great way to do that.

With a few hosting customers you’ll generally be able to cover the costs of white label hosting and be able to turn a profit from that point.

If you were to offer hosting on your own servers, this would get costly, and take up a ton of space. With white label hosting you can offer hosting without any expensive costs on your end.


What’s Commonly Included in White Label Hosting?

The hosting company you decide to partner with will determine the list of additional services you can offer to your customers. Most reseller hosting packages will offer you similar services to the ones listed below.


1. Billing Integration

Most reseller plans will include WHM billing software that lets you easily bill your customers and manage their payment plans. This takes out the hassle of making sure your customers pay you on time.


2. Private Name Servers

Private name servers will help to create separation from your brand and the hosting company whose servers you’re utilizing. Private name servers are a must have.


3. Easily Scalable

With reseller hosting you should be able to scale up server resources if your client base is expanding, or you’re managing a site that requires more server resources.


4. Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Control panel is a must-have for website management. With control panel access you’ll be able to make backend changes, and even give the client access, if necessary.


5. Domain and Email Integration

Most reseller accounts allow you to sell email account add-ons, as well as domain names. Being able to add these to your hosting offerings takes your services to the next level.

Website hosting will always be a service in demand, as long as the internet exists. With white label hosting you don’t have to deal with any of the costly or difficult parts of running your server, but can still offer the option to your customers.

When considering the best reseller plan for your business, make sure you do you research. You’ll want to find a quality host that offer the right kind of server environment for you and your customers.

Ready to get started with white label hosting?

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