Top-Level Domains


Top-level domains are also referred to as domain name extensions. They are the .com’s and .net’s that you see following any domain name you type into that little browser bar. But, did you know there are literally hundreds of different top-level domains out there?

Not all of them make sense for your business and your website, but you’d be surprised to see some of the strange one’s we’ve uncovered. If you’re looking for a guide on how to choose the right top-level domain for your business, then check out this post.

But, if you’re looking for some surprising top-level domains that’ll make your quest for the perfect domain name a little more interesting, then check out what we’ve found below.



Even horses need a domain name. If you’re looking for the perfect birthday present for your favorite horse, why not a domain name and a dedicated website?



In the same vein of the example above, every dad deserves his very own top-level domain. This could be the perfect gift for any tech-savvy dads.



Are you a beer aficionado? Or maybe you’re creating a beer-related website, or looking for a fun domain name for your small batch brewery. Whatever the reason, this could be a great top-level domain for any beer-related brand.

Domain Name



The .ing top-level domain can turn your once static domain name into a verb. If you’re looking to transform your domain into an action, then give this one a go. 



Is your last name Kim or are you a Kardashian fan? Then this domain is for you. There isn’t a lot of use for it besides having a personal branded domain name, but it is cool.



What’s the best way to communicate that you have a luxury brand? How about actually adding .luxury to the end of it.



Most ninjas don’t want to be seen or heard? But, if you’re looking for a way to showcase your martial arts status, or run a martial arts studio this could be a fun top-level domain to try out.



Are you beyond expert level in your field and want some way to communicate it? Well, how about the .guru domain name?


.pinkPink Snappy

Is pink your favorite color? If so, then this domain might be right up your alley. This top level domain can be used for a variety of purposes, but mostly for letting the world know which color you proudly wear day in and day out.



We’re not sure of a situation where this last top-level domain can be used effectively, but it is a fun one. Maybe if you’re an author of children’s books? (Of course, this is the domain Google’s Alphabet company famously bought last year.)


A note about uncommon top-level domains

If you’re interested in buying any clever or unique top-level domains, then you’ll usually be purchasing them from an individual reseller, or a smaller company.

These top-level domains usually don’t have the same benefits and ease of setup as purchasing from a widely used domain name provider. Plus, they’ll usually be much more expensive.

But, if you have your heart set on it, then it might be something worth looking into.

When choosing a domain name and extension remember to spend some time on the decision. Your domain name is something that you’ll be building your entire online business around. Plus, your top-level domain has the power to either add or subtract from your online authority.

Any strange top-level domains you’ve come across? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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