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Most businesses reach a point where they need to upgrade their hosting environment in order to continue to provide their users with a stellar browsing experience. Shared hosting can be an easy way to get started, however, if you’ve been aiming for growth since the early stages, then the time will come where you’ll outgrow your current hosting plan.

But, it can be difficult to determine when is the right time to make the switch. By being able to see the potential limitations that a shared hosting plan might place on your website, you’ll be able to make the jump to a dedicated server at the right time.

When is it Time to Make The Switch?

Not every website and hosting environment is the same. It’s near impossible to make a blanket statement that covers every single kind of website and existing hosting plan available. Still, there are a few indicators that’ll tell you it’s time to make the switch to dedicated server hosting.

1. Slow Website Performance

If your website performance has been slipping, then it might be time to upgrade to a dedicated server. If your visitors are continually hit with a server error page, or have to wait a long time for your site to load, then you could possibly benefit from making the switch to a dedicated server.

2. Overall Traffic is Increasing

Are your monthly traffic numbers steadily increasing? When your website is seeing steadily increasing traffic numbers it could be a good idea to switch to a dedicated host before it becomes a problem.

A lot of webmasters have faced the dreaded server error page the very moment one of their posts went viral. Don’t let a poor server choice limit your business’s potential.

3. Running Multiple Sites

If you have multiple shared properties then it could be beneficial to bring all of your sites under a single dedicated server.

The Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting can be incredibly valuable to your business. But, upgrading to a dedicated server does mean you’ll have to increase your tech skills, or bring someone on board who knows how to manage a server. Server management can be tricky, but can be worthwhile once you explore the benefits of upgrading as shown below.

1. Complete Server Control

Being on a dedicated server means you have control of the entire server. You’re no longer sharing resources with a variety of different websites that you have no affiliation with. Sometimes other sites can end up hogging all of the server resources, which means that your site could perform slower as a result.

Some dedicated servers do require a bit of added technical knowledge. You’ll need to be able to upgrade and maintain the server in order for it to run effectively. However, some dedicated server options do have dedicated support teams to help you.

2. Increased Security

If your business is at the point where you need to upgrade to a dedicated server, then you probably have a lot of valuable information stored on your website. For this reason increasing the security of your site is incredibly important.

Dedicated servers are naturally more secure as you’ll be the only site using the server. If your site gets infected, or hacked, at least you know it’ll be your own doing. And not due to another site becoming infected on the server. This will make it much easier to take proactive action.

3. Increased Website Speed

Your website needs to be fast if you want to compete in today’s marketplace. If your site doesn’t load in under a couple seconds, then you run the risk of your visitor clicking away before they get a chance to experience what you have to offer.

A dedicated server that’s configured correctly is a surefire way to ensure your site will always load quickly, even when it’s being inundated with a ton of traffic.

Dedicated servers aren’t appropriate for every kind of website. But, if your site is experiencing some of the signs above and you think you could benefit from a dedicated host, then it might be worth making the switch. As long as you have the tech skills and the incoming profit to pay for the costs.

Do you run a dedicated server? Share your experience in the comments below.

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