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The new Gator Website Builder by HostGator comes with more than 200 professionally designed templates included in the package price. But, if the idea of browsing through 200 design templates is overwhelming for you, all of the design themes are sorted by category to help you find themes that fit the type of website you are looking to build.

With categories such as architecture & real estate, beauty & fashion, pets & animals, professional services, restaurants & eateries…there is something for almost every website.

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All of these website design templates are mobile friendly, meaning that they will automatically adjust based on screen size of the person visiting your website. In addition, all of the design templates can be customized to match your company branding with custom colors, fonts, and your own photos.

Here are the top 10 most popular design templates available in Gator Website Builder:

  1. Professional Law Firm

The Professional Law Firm design is clean with minimal distraction so website visitors can focus on the content at hand. The center icons illustrate content themes, and the horizontal sections help the mind separate content types.

2. Personal Diary

The Personal Diary design template is ideal for a writer or poet who wants to start a personal website to feature content such as writings and photos. This design template features large photos and minimal distractions from the main reason someone visits this website – to read what you wrote!

3. Musician

The Musician design template is eye catching due to the bright colors and artistic feature image. But don’t forget – you can change all the colors to match your personal brand! Quickly and easily import your music from YouTube on the ‘music’ tab.

4. The Designer

The Designer template offers quirky, unique layout options while still remaining professional. For example, the social media icons are placed under the title, still obvious, but in a different location than the traditional layout. The design template also features interesting text overlay on images. This template would be great for a business that likes to show their fun personality.

5. Newspaper Blog

The Newspaper Blog design features a grid-like pattern perfect for a website that wants to showcase a lot of content on their homepage. This design template would be great for a newsroom website or blog that produces lot of content on a regular basis. Content is king here, as the layout prefers content layout over design. Customize it with your own colors and fonts!

6. Fashion Boutique

The Fashion Boutique design is bright, fun, and focuses on photos to display your boutique items. Pair this with our eCommerce package and you’ll be ready to sell items from your fashion boutique in no time! Remember, you can change the background image and color palette to match your business.  

7. Advertising and Marketing

The Advertising and Marketing design theme is perfect for showcasing two sides of your brand. Drop in your portfolio and you’ll be ready to rock quickly!

8. Fine Cars Dealership

The Fine Cars Dealership design template is perfect for a business that wants to highlight stunning photography without distraction from a busy design. Show off the best part about your business without any other frills. The “call now” button at the top is an added benefit for customers that want to contact you quickly about what they see online.

9. Retro Pastels

The Retro Pastels design template features artistry through unique background patterns. This design template would be perfect for a business that maybe doesn’t have a lot of their own business photos to display, but still wants website visitors to get an understanding of their unique character. You can use textures and patterns for website visitors to understand your personality – simply swap out colors and patterns that fit you best!

10. Freelance Copywriter

The Freelance Copywriter design template allows solo entrepreneurs the chance to feature their skills in a clean, simply design that focuses on you and what you offer. Swap out your profile picture in the top section, drop in your social media pages,  personal portfolio samples, and you’ll be good to go!

You can preview more templates at the Gator Website Builder page. Which one are you interested to try? Comment below and let us know!

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