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HostGator affiliates had the first chance to review and demo our new Gator Website Builder before it was released to the public in early 2019. Here are some of their reviews and thoughts on the products…

1.Gator Website Builder handles all the software, updates, and backups.

“Gator is a fully hosted platform, so you don’t have to worry about the software, updates, or backups…Since Gator is a paid product, they don’t sell your data or show any ads on your website.”WPBeginner

If you’re trying to build your very first website (or if you’re short on time), the thought of researching software, learning how to do software updates, scheduling software updates, and managing regular website backups…it can all feel overwhelming.

The simplicity of an all-in-one package is one of the biggest benefits of HostGator’s new Gator Website Builder. The website builder package handles all the software updates and backups so you can focus on a great website.

2. The drag-and-drop editor gives you perfect control.

“We especially appreciate how Gator’s drag-and-drop interface gives users pixel-perfect control while still suggesting guides and grids for appropriate spacing. Throughout the customization and design phase, users can seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile views to understand how your site will appear to all visitors…sit back and enjoy the confidence in having such a well-rounded tool at their design disposal.”

The drag-and-drop editor that comes with Gator Website Builder gives you full control of where to add elements on a page, and even makes grid-like suggestions on ideas of where elements may fit best.

All design templates are mobile-friendly, meaning the design automatically adjusts to the screen size of your website visitor. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to switch between the desktop and mobile view, and you can edit content in each view independently if you want.

GATOR website builder design templates

3. So many buttons…

“There are a good range of elements in most of the key areas, though: six button types, multiple live feeds (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram), various PayPal buttons (Buy Now, Add To Cart, Donate, Check Out) and a range of social media features – social links, sharing icons, Like buttons, Follow buttons and more.”Techradar

add elements to page in gator website builder like buttons and contact form

All of the design templates come with pre-populated pages that you can customize for your needs. You can add as many elements as you need, from buttons, Google maps, contact forms, and more. No need to know coding languages or go out to various websites for the API code you need, it’s all built into the website builder.

4. Impressive unlimited bandwidth and storage.

“Impressively, HostGator – being a top hosting provider – covers its website builder with unlimited bandwidth and storage. This means that there’s no limit on the amount of content, or visitors, your site can handle. In our eyes, this makes Gator a perfect choice for websites that need big image galleries, such as real estate brochures.”

That’s right! You’ll be surprised that the low cost includes unlimited pages on your website, plus unmetered storage space and unmetered bandwidth. Unmetered means you aren’t charged for the amount of space that you use. Other website builders put a cap on your storage or charge you to move up in storage space. HostGator’s Website Builder is equipped to handle the amount of content and photos you can throw at it!

5. Robust photo repository and free stock photos.

“You can upload multiple images at a time, and everything you upload is stored in an online repository to reuse…If you don’t have pictures of your own, Gator includes a healthy selection of stock photography…Even more impressive, it’s all royalty-free. Several other site  builders…charge you for much of their stock photography.” – PCMag

Check out the PCMag review for examples of how Gator Website Builder compares to its competitors.

Gator Website Builder comes with a robust photo gallery of stock images that you can use royalty-free on your website. The photos are organized into 18 categories, including architecture, cars, hotels, and sports. No need to go search for photos on the internet, wondering if they are free. These photos are already loaded with your account to use throughout your website as you need.

media gallery gator website builder

The website builder also includes photo storage to import your own business photos or embed photos via a website link. You can build photo galleries as well.

6. The premade templates are a “blessing in blogging world.”

“These pre-made templates will prove to be a “blessing in blogging world” as it will save you tons of time and money…Many other platforms give you only one choice of either a basic website or a blogging platform but Gator gives you both. This is probably the biggest plus of this program that makes Gator stands out more than others…Blog away and start a side hustle that can actually generate a steady income for you.”Speaking of Cents

Gator Website Builder comes with more than 200 professionally-designed templates. The templates are organized by categories such as music & entertainment, pets & animals, and photography so you can quickly find a theme that suits your needs.

The website builder has an integrated blog. But you don’t have to start a blog right away, the option is always available and is free to add on whenever you are ready.

add blog to gator website builder

Thanks to these affiliate team members for reviewing the Gator Website Builder!

What about you? Have you tried Gator Website Builder yet? What feature are you most interested to try?

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