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Now that we’ve made it half way through the year, now is a good time to look at the hottest web design trends of the year so far.

The web is a constantly evolving place. By staying on top of the latest trends you can ensure your website will always be up-to-date. In this post we’re going to take a look at the most popular trends of the year and what they mean for your website.


1. Focus On Simplicity

The web is a crowded and noisy place. You can see a lot of sites getting rid of everything that’s non-essential in order to have the cleanest and easiest-to-read site possible.

This can include eliminating elements, such as, background images, complex layouts, full-page sliders and much more. Removing these elements not only provides a much more relaxed environment for the reader, but it can improve loading speeds as well.


2. All About Scrolling

If you’ve been browsing the web at all this year, I’m sure you have, then you’ve probably noticed the trend of sites getting longer and longer. This has to do with more fluid scrolling, and the way users actually read across the web.

It’s much easier for users to scroll through web pages than it is to click around to find the information they’re looking for. You can see this trend in action on parallax-style pages that have animated effects.

It’s much easier to tell a coherent story when the user doesn’t have to click to find out what’s next.


3. High-Quality Images

Those sites that are using images to invoke a feeling in their users are tending to lean towards using very high-quality custom images. Stock images are still being used across some websites, but it’s becoming more of a rarity.

By having a unique photo you can ensure you’re never going to run across the same image twice. This will help you to convey to your users how much attention to detail you put into your website, and how this will trickle into your services and offerings.


4. Collapsible Menus

This year we’ve seen the trend of hiding your navigation across your website really start to take hold. These hidden menus only become visible once the user clicks on the icon to display the menu.

This design element is in line with keeping your site clean and free of distractions. Hidden menus are very prevalent across responsive websites on smaller screens, only now the transition is taking place across larger screens as well.


5. Massive Typography

There’s been an increasing trend towards placing a larger focus on typography. Now that trend is growing, literally.

More websites are using very large font sizes to get their message across. Usually, this is only done with websites that have a very bold message.

However, it’s slowly finding its way to website of any style.

Who knows if the above trends will be here years from now, but one thing is for certain. They’re here now, and they’re going to be around for at least another year. If you’ve been trying to make your website more timely consider implementing one of the current design features highlighted above.

Kevin Wood writes about technology and human potential. You can find him at his virtual homes Wooden Writing and Counter Culturist.