We recently chronicled Snappy’s trip to the Houston Zoo on Instagram.  However we’re going to re-cap here as well as share some additional pictures of Snappy that didn’t make it onto Instagram; think of this as the bonus footage of Snappy’s trip to the Houston Zoo.  You can also revisit Snappy’s trip to the Houston Zoo on Pinterest!

First and foremost, what would a trip to the zoo be without seeing the famous pink flamingos?


After Snappy communed with the flamingos, he found this other unique bird that apparently has its kneecaps on backwards:


Snappy does like to take a moment to enjoy the scenery form time to time.  The Houston Zoo has tons of beautiful rest areas throughout its grounds.


One of the Zoo’s newest exhibits is the African forest.  This exhibit contains giraffes, rhinos and numerous other animals, but Snappy couldn’t pass up the photo op with this mask, near the entrance of the exhibit:


What can we say about this next pic?  If you followed this adventure on Instagram, you saw another picture of Snappy up in a different tree… for a gator, Snappy sure likes to climb!


The only appropriate way to conclude Snappy’s trip to the Houston Zoo is with a visit to his fellow gators.  This is an American alligator, just like Snappy!


If you’re in the Houston area, we highly encourage you to go visit the Houston Zoo.  Or at the very least, visit them online: http://houstonzoo.org.

If you have an event in the Houston or Austin area that you would like for Snappy to attend, please get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] ATTN: Blog.